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CANINE ACUPRESSURE BOOK Learn Where Your Dog's Acupressure Points Are and Begin to Help With A Variety of Ailments Such as Allergies, Arthritis, Dysplasia, Fear, Sadness, Gatrointestinal and Respiratory Problems... A reference for professionals, a learning guide for enthusiasts and a workbook for students. Includes a Complete Set of Laminated Canine Energy Meridian Charts with Acupressure Points, Five Elements Information, Ting Points Chart and Acu-Point Glossary. Can be used with dry erase markers for classroom work. (24 pages) http://www.rmsaam.com

6810 N Roxborough Park Rd, Littleton, CO
Carbondale, CO 81623 United States
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Optimum Health Strategies...Doing What Works

THE PURPOSE of the Optimum Health Strategies Program is to help you understand what causes poor health, aging or degenerative diseases (lifestyle induced) and how to restore balance to achieve ultimate or renewed health. Your body can heal itself without drugs and their painful or deadly side effects. Choose now to follow a better path; the decision is yours! This is something only you can do! The toxins (poisons) stored in your body and cellular imbalances are the major cause of disease. To reverse disease, the root cause (poisons, emotions, etc ) must be acknowledged, understood and eliminated. Optimum Health Strategies will help you achieve success in the following areas: Increase Energy Levels Achieve healthy weight Eliminate Stress and Negative Emotions Look years younger Feel physically active and mentally alert Healthy Self-Confidence Positive Results for Mind, Body, Spirit Disease Prevention Better Sleep Over-all Health & Well-Being http://www.oasisadvancedwellness.com

16770 Imperial Valley Drive Suite 210
Houston, TX 77060 United States
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