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Astronomy for Lightworkers mp3

A hearfully invigorating, leading-edge account of how our planet Earth, solar system and even our galaxy directly reveals the innate truth about creation and its evolutionary direction. This complete class led by Soulsign founder Adam Gainsburg packs together a conglomerate of material covering widely diverse topics in a clear, accurate and thoroughly accessible way! Become cellularly refreshed and re-enthused with Life by the many celestial movements of our Earth, neighboring planets, solar system as a singular consciousness and even our galactic intelligence. In the class, you will learn about: * The spiritual meaning of Earth's rotation, revolution, equator, tilt and wobble; * The numerology & tantric meaning of the '23'; * Earth's perihelion & aphelion (closest and furthest point from the Sun); * How big our Solar System REALLY is; * Primal forces moved by alchemy; * Our galactic reality, Isis and where our Galactic Milk actually comes from; SPECIAL ADDITIONAL MATERIAL: * A guided journey from deep within your own body to deep within the Galactic Core; followed by... * A cosmic sound journey using the Galactic Core as the liftoff point. Also included is the 12-page, color class handout so you can follow along with each diagram, photograph and schematic referenced in the class! MP3 Download. Instructions and link emailed with successful order. http://Soulsign.com

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