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Crystal Clarity

In 'Crystal Clarity' you learn to release toxic energies as you restore your energy bodies to original clarity and brightness. It is a full and complete, systematic exercise in which you learn the crucial steps of grounding, running energy, clearing, reclaiming power, calibrating the chakras and shielding. Never again will you be at the mercy of others' energies. Single CD. 70 min. See http://www.shop.pamelaarwine.com for more info or to order http://PamelaArwine.com
Colorado City

PO Box 19815
Colorado City, CO 81019 United States
Phone 719-404-4070
Energetic Healing Audio Tape Set

Stressed? Overwhelmed? Scattered? Here are two very special hypnosis tapes that help you clear blockages and balance your energies. Regular listening will continue to rebalance, release and clear physical and emotional blockages. Powerful visualizations bring you boundless, indestructible, unconditional love, light and energy. Transformational hypnosis techniques will balance, harmonize and integrate all parts of your being. You will feel relaxed and energized. Cassette tape format. Buyers please add $2.50 first class shipping and handling in the United States. International shipping costs to be determined at time of purchase. ABOUT MARJORIE BAKER PRICE Marjorie Baker Price's unique therapeutic methods are nationally recognized. Her extensive experience in health care and behavioral techniques has helped hundreds and hundreds of people to realize goals and improve their general health. She is a psychiatric nurse, certified hypnotherapist, and Level III Reiki Master with specialized training in relaxation, imagery, energetic healing and creative expression techniques. Her clinical expertise in crisis intervention, grief work, behavioral and recovery therapies uniquely compliments her powerful talents as a creative writer, musician, and actress. Since 1988, she has crystallized this broad range of experience into a unique therapeutic approach she calls Centering. Marjorie's client-base includes (or has included): • Businesses • special interest groups • not-for-profit organizations • individual counseling, including but not limited to: couple-counseling, cancer patients and their families, victims of phobias and obsessions, learning disabled individuals, and recovering addicts. • Red Cross, New York State Nurses Association, American Heart Association, Hemophilia Association, Strong Memorial Hospital, Rochester General Hospital, Jewish Community Center, Kiwanis Club Lakeside Wellness Center, MONY Financial Services, Planned Parenthood, State University of New York at Brockport, The Mended Hearts Inc., Wilson Health Center, Cancer Action See how Centering can help to positively impact your life! http://www.centeringtools.com

P.O. Box 68015
Rochester, NY 14618 United States
Phone 585-244-6210
Fax 585-244-6210 *
Essential Energetics for the Spiritual Human CD

Essential Energetics of the Spiritual Human is for the beginner or adept. Employ a progression of powerful spiritual techniques that bring you into balance, ground you so you connect with the energy of the earth, clear your energy field and calibrate and shield your chakras in a very complete and thorough manner. These highly beneficial light formations teach you, in easy five-minute sound bytes, all the essential steps to attain and maintain energetic clarity. Easily mastered, once learned, they should take you no more than five minutes morning and night. A small price to pay for the energetic transformations you will witness in your life. http://PamelaArwine.com
Colorado City

PO Box 19815
Colorado City, CO 81019 United States
Phone 719-404-4070
Oracle Reading

An oracle reading is helpful when you have a question or situation that you need guidance on. Want to move? Need a job? Relationship issues? Stress in your life? To do or not to do something? The reading can provide insight on the issue, what obstacles might be, includes an exercise to help you discover answers. http://www.intuitiveconcepts.com

P.O. Box 899
Sunbury, OH 43074 United States
Phone 866-689-6891
The Grid of Creation mp3

This information-packed 'download' lecture covers an amazing array of topics from fields as varied as cosmology, quantum mechanics, astronomy, transpersonal psychology, consciousness studies, integral theory and evolutionary principles. Threading them together in a pattern described as the "Grid of Creation, Adam presents a thorough map of how individual effort has a direct and holographic influence on the Grid itself. Learn about: * Time is not ONLY speeding up... * Mental deliberation vs. Truthful action * What is alchemy...really? * Consciousness translators * "You are the stuff of stars" * Your Consciousness = Essence + Identity * and a lot more! This information is part of a global intelligence now unfolding through many disciplines and modalities around the world, which together reveals how consciousness itself is becoming conscious...of itself. MP3 Download. Instructions and link emailed with successful order. http://Soulsign.com

PO Box 10517
Burke, VA 22009 United States
Phone 323.761.6449
Violet Vortex Clearing

'Violet Vortex Clearing' will afford you the opportunity to divest yourself of mental, emotional and energetic encumbrances which may be preventing you from manifesting your highest truth. Let go of old issues which prevent you from accessing your true power. You will find it simple to release thought forms, energetic and karmic patterns which reflect anything less than your pure soul. Single CD. 57 min. See http://www.shop.pamelaarwine.com for more info or to order http://PamelaArwine.com
Colorado City

PO Box 19815
Colorado City, CO 81019 United States
Phone 719-404-4070