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Know the Power of Your Dreams

Know the Power of Your Dreams by Marjorie Baker Price, 2007 ($235 + $5.00 s/h) Are you interested in finding out the meaning of your dreams? Psychiatric nurse, certified hypnotherapist, and Level III Reiki Master, Marjorie Baker Price can help you decipher the hidden messages and secrets of your dreams! Since biblical times people have sought to understand and interpret their dreams to tell the future, experience deeper level healing, and extend spiritual consciousness. This unique, acclaimed course teaches you to learn to interpret your dreams on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels for healing and development. In addition, you will learn lucid, or conscious dreaming, to experience even deeper level healing and awakened consciousness. Marjorie Baker Price, founder of Centering® for Self-Healing and Development, has been teaching dream workshops for over twenty years. She offers an integrated, holistic, individually designed approach, which profoundly opens intuition, spiritual and therapeutic understanding, and inner healing responses. This course includes: · 3 one-hour phone sessions to interpret your dreams and teach you to continue to profoundly grow in receiving the amazing guidance your dreams offer you · a CD on lucid dreaming · custom-designed journaling exercises to accelerate all healing and development your dreams offer, and further deepen creative problem-solving and enhance insight. Marjorie Baker Price is a psychiatric nurse, certified hypnotherapist, and Level III Reiki Master with specialized training in relaxation and imagery, energetic healing and creative expression techniques, crisis intervention, grief work, and behavioral and recovery therapies. Since 1988, she has crystallized this broad range of experience into a unique therapeutic approach she calls CENTERING. Marjorie's client-base includes: · Businesses · Special interest groups · Not-for-profit organizations · Individual counseling, including but not limited to: couple-counseling, cancer patients and their families, victims of phobias and obsessions, learning disabled individuals, and recovering addicts. · Red Cross, New York State Nurses Association, American Heart Association, Hemophilia Association, Strong Memorial Hospital, Rochester General Hospital, Jewish Community Center, Kiwanis Club Lakeside Wellness Center, MONY Financial Services, Planned Parenthood, SUNY Brockport, New York States Nurses Association The Mended Hearts Inc., and Wilson Health Center Cancer Action Marjorie’s insight is really helpful. I loved this! --David F., ME Anyone who is interested in dream interpretation will benefit from this program. It’s informative as well as entertaining. –Melissa J., NY This changed my life. It helped me through a major health crisis and cued me into what was going on in my body. I have a whole new respect for the power of dreams after working with Marjorie. –Allen S., NJ http://www.centeringtools.com

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