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A Chakra Balancing Tuning Forks set, with bonus crystal clearing tuning fork

Chakra Clearing and Balancing Kit. This set of 8 tuning forks are color coded according to the chakra they resonant with. Then as a bonus you get the tuning for for crystal clearing and charging. This is color coded as gold. All of this with a rubber hammer and a great case. Wonderful for the healer on the go. http://www.crystaldreams.cc

2913 West 156th Street, B
Gardena, CA 90249 United States
Phone 310-516-0727
Wisdom Walk Cards - Deck One

**PLEASE order directly from Kelly at Heartful-Adventures@comcast.net** A Wisdom Walk is a self-paced journey of personal discovery. A Wisdom Walk is an opportunity to move your body; it is a lovely way to breathe, to pray and to listen. Wisdom Walk cards enhance your walking experience by expanding your awareness and sharpening your focus. You'll notice that the effects of an intentional Wisdom Walk reach into many areas of your life, shifting your perception and, therefore, your experience of life. Wisdom Walk cards can be used on your own or with a group. The variety of ways the cards can be used is continually expanding. You can use Wisdom Walk cards many ways to discover and explore personal truth. Each deck of Wisdom Walk cards contains 52 different cards, thirteen for each theme. Each card features original photography and a different quote, poem, prayer or question. Wisdom Walk cards are the same finish, size and weight of playing cards. Limited Time Offer: $25 includes Priority Mail shipping to all U.S. addresses. Kelly Noel Morrison is a Creative Life Coach and Retreat Coach. Kelly is passionate about helping you cultivate life¡¦s ah-ha moments and life¡¦s ha-ha moments. Time with Kelly is where personal discovery and creativity meet to play. **PLEASE order directly from Kelly at Heartful-Adventures@comcast.net** To order additional sets of Wisdom Walk cards or to receive information about new decks, please contact Kelly Noel Morrison at 206-300-5972 or by sending an email to HeARTful-Adventures@comcast.net Kelly leads Wisdom Walks monthly, on the first Saturday, around the Seattle area. For a listing of all Kelly¡¦s events please visit www.kellymorrison.byregion.net or www.retreatcoachesnetwork.com **PLEASE order Wisdom Walk decks directly from Kelly at Heartful-Adventures@comcast.net** http://kellymorrison.byregion.net
Maple Valley

Maple Valley, WA 98038 United States
Phone 206-300-5972