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InnerSpeak Cards

This phenomenal deck of cards facilitates karmic clearings, easily and accurately. There are seven sets of colored cards along with an instruction book to explain each one. Choose a card from each color to do the clearing. Energetically this deck incorporates the vibration of 7 Rays Healing , Karuna Ki and InnerSpeak. They work at a deep level. This isn't just "another" Tarot deck - it's a MODALITY! Purchase at www.inner-speak.com http://www.inner-speak.com

Tallahassee, FL 32304 United States
Phone 404-934-0714
Radiant Wisdom Tarot Deck & Book Set

Radiant Wisdom Tarot presents a multi-cultural, celebratory, practical and spiritual approach to life. It’s created on the foundation of ancestral wisdoms from our many cultures and it energizes the future with assurance that all experiences can be lived in beauty and harmony. The Suit of Bridges is a unique aspect of this deck. This new suit in the Minor Arcana is a roadmap to successful manifestation, providing a bridge between inspired intention and physical plane results. The cards in this suit can be read alone or mixed into the rest of the deck. Another special part of this deck is its focus on supporting the creative process. Each card’s definition includes information about how to support creativity. This information is useful for quickly moving through creative blockages and for supporting creative thinking in any situation where it’s needed or desired. There is also detailed information about how to work with your body energy in ways that help you live the wisdoms of each card. Providing your body with this type of energetic support will assist you in achieving your goals while expanding your quality of life. For more information please visit: RadiantWisdomTarot.com http://www.laughingwomyn.com
Benton Harbor

Benton Harbor, MI 49022 United States
Phone (269) 934-9293
Tarot Readings

Dana is a gifted intuitive and channel for healing energy. She has an extenstive background as a tarot reader spanning 25 years. She draws from her deep intuitive 'knowing' to assist you in elevating your consciousness to make positive changes in your life. Dana also transmits energy healing and incorporates destiny card readings, giving important insights, as well as a healing experience! http://www.essentialhealingservices.com

Encinitas, CA 92024 United States
Phone 760 815-2906