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$49.00 to $60.00 to start up Save on all Isagenix products Make money four different ways Build your business by sharing your story Work from home Establish residual income Set yourself financially free Spend more free time with your family http://www.wolfeagle.isagenix.com

11802 S. Rural Rd
Tempe, AZ 85284 United States
Phone (480) 556-1231

IONIC DETOX FOOT BATH $40 for 1/2 hr or combined with Reiki or Far INFRARED THERAPY $45 These are great to improve your overall well being, sleep, memory, weight, arthritis, muscular and joint pain, removed harmful substances from your body such as heavy metals, toxins, yeast, etc GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE http://www.holisticmedicineandspa.com

525 Rte 73 S, Marlton, NJ, 08053
, NJ United States
Phone 856 649 8784
Optimum Seven Day Oxygen Colon Cleanse

Contains 1 bottle of Mag O7 and 1 bottle of Latero-Flora Probiotic. Cleanse instructions can be found at: Optimum Seven Day Colon Cleanse http://www.oasisadvancedwellness.com

16770 Imperial Valley Drive Suite 210
Houston, TX 77060 United States
Phone 832.295.0560
Fax 832.252.9372