Man and the Sea,
Motivational Poem

June 09th 2005 - MAN AND THE SEA Dr.Renate Bodden

He stood at the bow of his ship, looking out at the sea.
He smiled, as he thought about the events of the night.

I, Myself and Me.

Then the seas were not as calm as they are today,
He felt as if he had kept the hounds at bay.
Lightening flashing, waves crashing,
He looked around trying to make sense of the Dark,
When from inside him came this voice, it sounded like a bark,
" Oh God its just Me, Myself and I, please help me I'm not ready to Die".
A voice in his head boomed " calm down, calm down, my friend you are not doomed".
"Everything will be fine, I know, It's just today is not for Thrills, Today I want to measure your skills"
"You know what can be done and should."

All of a sudden he was serene, because he knew that he could,

the man worked all night trying to steady his ship,
He knew he would never forget this trip.
The storm vanished as quickly as it came.
the man knew, that inside his soul, he would never feel the same.

He stood at the bow of his ship, watching as the morning sun embraced the sea.
A smile crossed his face as he though back on his crew.

I, Myself and Me.

copywriteprotected. "Healing Verses", Wingspan
Dr.Renate Bodden.ND RYT

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