Living a Vibrant, Youthful Life
Looking for an alternative to plastic surgery to maintain a youthful appearance.

March 24th 2005 - Living a Vibrant, Youthful Life
I was interviewed recently for an article in the Sacramento Prosper Magazine (May edition). The topic of the article is our quest for a youthful appearance. The American culture focuses on the importance looking young and we see people responding to that cultural message in a variety of ways even going so far as to undergo plastic surgery. The author wanted to include some alternative approaches as well. I’d like to take a look at what we can do internally to maintain a youthful, vibrant look.

On January 21, 1996 the local newspaper ran an article in the Parade Magazine: What We Can Learn From People Who Live to 100!” by Caryl Stern. Audrey Stubbart was featured on the cover of the magazine. At that time she was 100 years old. However, she looked 70. According to the article Audrey worked a 40 hour week as a proofreader and columnist for a newspaper in Missouri. I saved that article because I loved looking at Audrey’s face and reading her story. At 100 she still looked happy and excited about life. I believe that she is in love with life. Perhaps that’s one key to maintaining our youth. Be interested and enthusiastic about everyone and everything around you.

That’s exactly the way my friend Marje lives. She’s 80 now and looks more beautiful all the time. She continues to stretch herself spiritually, she is interested in everyone who’s lives she touches and she is still learning.

Bernie Siegal, M.D. says that “... meditation [and a hypnotic trance] slows down the biological clock. It’s benefits are multiplied when combined with regular exercise.”: For years I have called that the fountain of youth. Who says that we need face lifts and tummy tucks to stay young.

Here are a few keys to maintaining our youth: meditate and exercise with an attitude of gratitude. Be interested in those around you. Keep learning. Work less and laugh and smile more. I’m still working on the last item. But the day that I read the 1996 article I formed a new opinion about aging. We reach a certain point and just stop looking any older. I’m picking today.

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