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Honoring and Preparing an 'Owl Shield'
The most important tool in your sleep area is an 'Owl Shield'. Owl's essential job in Nature is the Dream Portal. Humans need their guidance and understanding.


OWL SHIELD –Raptors Earn the Teachings:

Tell a story about yourself and what it looks like to be ONLY showing up for entertainment – stuffing more information into an already full person.
1. Go outside for 20 minutes in silence.
Appreciate that you already have enough.
Empty your self your belly your mind be available to fill with the Owl Raptor Teachings.
2. Materials: ALL Plate size. Skin (deer, rabbit/goat, elk) or raw cloth.
Red Willow tied in a Circle, red cloth/ribbon
Owl Feather (host feathers – duck, goose, turkey);
pumpkin seeds;
Smudge bowl of Cedar; printout of this flyer; non-toxic paint.
3. Smudge all items and peoples – talk of the cleansing w/smoke of the Cedars and the freedom of the wings bring. Allow openings of the TheAncient Schools of Mysteries.
4. Hold Skin, willow, feathers, pumpkin seeds – see their giveaway. Ask, “How can I be available to give back to the Wild Universe for their abundant validation.” See yourself as they see you. How can you work for these wild critters?
5. Cut skin in Circle.
Cut 9 holes.
Cut 9 tethers.
Wet skin/tethers before stretching.
6. Speak of the Spherical Circles of Movement. All life/death is moving in Circles upon Circles upon Circles…movement in humility is safety.
Tie the Willow in 4 places to hold.
7. Thread 3 pumpkin seeds. Asking 3 times. Offer 3 times=let go or ask someone else
8. Finger paint on the skin the 4 Medicines of GrandMother Moon. Dark Moon in the East, 1st Quarter in South, Full Moon in West, Last Quarter in North. Make symbol of self in Center.
9. As you face your Shield, the Place Owl Feather at West Door. -Left. Top of shield is N.
Hang on West wall facing East. Where they will not be bumped or handled.
The Owl Shield is a protection.
Ask how will they honor these Gifts for the next 28 days?

Your commitment to this Shield assist in converting healthy anger and frustration that is distracting in the sleep. The Owl Shield reminds all peoples – take your burdens outside before sleep. Surrender that One Day of Life is all that you are promised. Live One day at a time. To this day men and religion persecute women and children because of their fear of owls. Support any means to go around these dead and totally untrue stories. Bring the power and beauty of the Owl Medicine and Tradition - female mystery and the male vision…using Fire, Death, and preset-WISDOM. Owl is one of the three most powerful medicines in the Critter Families.

Maintenance: Do not ask an Owl to enter your body. If it does, say out loud “Owl get out of inside of me now!!” Owl can come to you, fly around you, speak for you, beautiful. The Owl is just too much fire energy to be inside a human.

The Owl is symbolic of changing as in no more chances, death, caution, and is very misunderstood in many cultures. If you believe in nuclear family and conservative/dominant/controlling living – the Owl will not understand your lack of diversity. A human without Community dies a slow death. The Owl brings to your attention the Inheritance and Rights of Community. Mostly humans are too leaking to have the energy for anyone else but themselves. The Stones of the Owl are Jade and Ruby (or local red-quartz)-WISDOM. The Tree of the Owl is Cottonwood/Aspen-FIRE. 4-legged is Cat-Sees All. The West Door being the gateway of chanth and the East door the gateway of birth/illumination. The skin on the shield acts as a spring board as energy passes through, so, if we were to head toward the West gateway the shield would slow down that energy enough that choices to stay or go become easier to make. Focus and measurement of situations would be essential.
It is also a protection of the Women's bellies facing out as the first Circle of LIFE at each day. Visualize each day as a big bowl. See the first rim of the bowl as Distribution of all the planet’s work needs in - Safety, Nurturing and Nourishment. As women’s face WEST they set this rim for each new day.
Now the Men’s are facing their powerful Fire Embers to the Center of the Bowl. Their Fire Embers are like flashlights – lighting clearly all the choices/Visions/Paths/Journeys available every new day. Warming the HeartShield.

The pumpkin seed is specific to preparing for the FALL EQUINOX-New Year of GrandMother Earth, celebrated as Harvest & Halloween. During this time the energies are such that the Gateways of all Ancestors are the most open. It is the time when our ancestors are the most available.
There are nine holes in the skin representing the completion of a Full Day of Life – One day at a time. The holes are the portals for the Journey Songs to stay open.
Red is always used to wrap the Owl feather as a protection. The Willow is another representation of strength while having flexibility= as humans are the rivers seeking the oceans and becoming the ebb and tide – ALL living is Do-able. ALL IS ENOUGH!
Honor the Relationship between GrandMother Moon and Grandfather Sun, have a 3 candles lit for altars, drumming or classes, their relationships are how Five Fingered-Two Legged came up with campfire, candles, electricity.

Identify Healing Needs: Children/teenagers/adults may be drawn to fire. Sometimes excessively fixed/controlled/permissive/abandonment....their relationships then are=Empty foods, TV, limited interests, afraid of crowds, little compassion, tantrums. Teach your children that Fire is what simplifies a Circle of Community, the Fire is the possibility of silent talking, fire assists groups of peoples to let go of their egos-pedestals and come to the Circle. If you have someone who is also in an age and acting out of creating Disaster (burn the house down with a candle) so they can experience how others do or don't assist their family. We strongly urge you to limit their experiences with candles and fire, just like you would with anything more powerful than their maturity.


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