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Commentary Series 'When, Why and How to Change Belief Scripts'
Continuing questions and experiences in regard to 'why' the human does what they do and do you want to experience questioning and transforming?

March 15th 2005 - from a Journey Seeker of TASOM, she wrote,


I read the March homework.  My reaction is the 10% is from past lives is true, although I really would like to know more about my past lives, never having really pursued that part.  10% from the physical-foods, toxins, etc.  probably true, as often two people do the same eating, breathing, etc. and do not have the same things happen to them.  The commentary confuses me with the 70% stuck in emotion bodies and the 10% belief and action as Passion.  I am not sure they aren’t part of the same-same.  (I think it partly stems from the fact that after 7-8 years of her pounding in me, I am still confused about what my emotion bodies really are.) What is both comforting and frustrating is that stuckness.  We all prefer the devil we know to the devil we don’t so even dysfunction is comforting.  The frustration comes in the vanity of “ok, I will work on my change and he/she will see that and work on their’s-wait, they aren’t doing that…in fact, they are mad we are changing, or trying to move.  This is no fun.  Let’s go back to the way it was.  Much easier, I am too old to change”…..???????????

I guess that was my initial thoughts.

  Commentary to the above, 3-15-2005

In the beginning languages there are thousands of years of reference to 12s or 13s, such as 12 Oceans of the Planet, 12 Planets that balance life on the Earth, etc. They are 'organic languages'. Then economy changed and male languages became the support of male economy, mostly two-way language such as= this is right or wrong, or this is yours, or mine or I win and you loses, etc. The Teachings of 12 bodies that fulfill being a human are aligned with the organic languages of Wind, Water, Fire and Earth.

Let's begin with 12 Emotion Bodies in the most basic way. In the order they have 'movement' when all necessities are cycling.
1. 1-Emotion Body is all of your hairs that bridge you with GrandMother Moon.
2. 1-Emotion Body is the Oceans.
3. 1-Emotion Body is dreams.
4. 1-Emotion Body is the Earth/Habitats.
5. 1-Emotion Body is Food.
6. 1-Emotion Body is the Psyche.
7. 1-Emotion Body is the resistance in cells, blood, digestion, etc.
8. 1-Emotion Body is the thrust to manifest with resistance.
9. 1-Emotion Body is instinct.
10. 1-Emotion Body is the generational Tool, Wisdom, Experience Stories 'Bowl'.
11. 1-Emotion Body is the key to the brain and glands.
12. 1-Emotion Body is gravity.
The movement of all of the above Emotion Bodies is the
13th Dimension. Which basically opens the Portals to a minimum of 13 Choices to each Animistic necessity need or need to die.

When any one or more of the Emotion Bodies are stuck, either by choice or ignorance, the portal to one or more of the Life Forces is denied.

I believe and have found no reason not to believe, that a human 'can sign up', in the beginning or later, with God or like beliefs, wherein they make all of the choices for the human. The human just has to chant, "I love everyone unconditionally" and I am a sinner who can only be saved by the love of Jesus. Two jobs for the human and that is it.

If a human seeks to be a 'ThreadPeoples with LifeWork' they sign up to be as much like or in alignment with our GrandMother Earth and The Wild Universe as they can. Anything that happens to them is the responsibility of themselves. They cannot pray away their consequences or experiences.

In the current languages and economy the decision of humans to vote for Fascism is controlling many Portals....will the humans choose domestication as their Highest Power or will they say nothing and expect someone else to do it for them?

I acknowledge you Silver Blue Claw Portal to The Wisdom Ways of Choices you are Ascended in this lifetime...that takes so much courage, yielding, transforming, real pain, risking loss of family, comfort, community, economy and sanity...and more.

As we guide it is very scary to what end we guide...are we just jumping through hopeless loops, or are we coming alive AGAIN, like it was before a colonization/domestication of humans??????

Wado, we are listening and experiencing your Portals,

BeLoved Tasom
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