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Why Change Belief Scripts?
We offer many ways to hear your habitual 'belief scripts. Then seek, "Does my Belief Scripts need to transform?" This article begins the seeking.

December 20th 2008 - BELIEF SCRIPTS A series of Seeking Transformation

Does living as a primary adult in wellness happen outside of you only? or does the wellness begin inside of you and cycle through your choices of 'outside' beliefs, then enter back into your bodies to be owned? Does your Emotion, Mental, Physical and Spirit Bodies offer 'Symptom Stories' about your Belief Scripts?

Please read only once the following commentary of Belief System.
• Set down and write as quickly as you will what you read.
• Write what your Mind Scripts reaction, if any, to what you read. Does the commentary divert from your Beliefs?
• Does the commentary bring you comfort?
• Does the commentary frustrate you?
• What?

We would like to hear more about your 'Belief Scripts'.
Expand and change in regard to your 'present' mind scripts, as we say the following. In other words read what we offer then overlay with your way of believing:

1. The humans' days is supported or fragmented by about 70% of the humans STUCK movement in their Emotion Bodies. As well as FIXED thoughts in the Mental Bodies.
2. About 10% is from a Past Life Karmas and Teachings, a Past Life that has an 'Open Portal'. Not from unopened Past Lives.
3. About 10% is from current wellness or toxics from environment, habitat, digestion of foods, exercise or lack of, balance and participation in current economy/or not, cloning from cultural influences such as family, role/personality, and community.
4. About 10% is from the current wellness or toxics from belief and action as Passion.

I look forward to hearing your Mind Bodies and your Belief

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