Emotions of a Home

January 27th 2005 - Emotions of a Home: Feng Shui

The home is a place where we hang our hat and take respite from the all too often fast paced reality of life. It is a sacred space that is meant to support, inspire and nurture the individuals that reside there. An environment that permits personal journeys to begin, and allows a rest stop along the path through life.

The flow of a home’s energy, or chi will affect the emotional well being of the residents. This in turn effects how an individual moves through their daily activities - whether it’s energetically, lackadaisically, focused etc. When there is conflict among the members of the household, or within the individuals themselves, we will often times find an imbalance in the environment that either created the discord, or at the very least perpetuates it. Feng Shui observations pinpoint the areas of blocked energy flow that are stagnant and creating distress in the inhabitants. This causes remarkable subconscious changes and imbalances that can be noted in altered behavior, personality, and even manifest in physical dis-ease.

Creating harmony and balance in one’s home will ensure the emotional well being of those that live in the space. It is a vital element in choosing a home, as well as furniture placement, wall color, window treatments, accessories, textile choices, flooring and more. It becomes quite relative when building a home, as the number of doors and windows, and their placement are known to have impact on the inhabitants, including their actions.
A firm feng shui belief is that the ratio of doors to windows will have great influence on the control issues that may present themselves between parents and children.

Most people do not become aware of Feng Shui and the subtle energy of the art until there is a perceived change in the mental, spiritual or physical well being of a home dweller. Feng Shui practice permits us to look at a space, and make adjustments prior to issues appearing, and can also be made to alter the space as changes in family, furnishings and other facets of life shift. It is a must to secure balance in the space over the course of time.

Traditional feng shui cures add a lot of dimension to the energy of the space. Wind chimes, crystals, flutes, water features, plants or others are strategically placed to encourage a positive energy flow throughout the home. For example a home that may be in the path of a negative flow of energy like busy roadways, nasty neighbors, or high tension wires. Without the use of cures, these effects come wafting into the house each time the door is opened. Wind chimes are often used to shift negative energy that may enter a home to be less stressful. Water is traditionally made use of to motivate encouraging energy to a space that might require stimulation. It is used to stimulate the career and money aspects of a person’s life.

Slow, stagnant energy is not the only culprit for emotional distress in a space. Occasionally energy will move too fast through a room causing irritations to those in its path. The arrangement of furniture, accessories and cures can easily remedy the situation and create a more settled flow of energy through the environment. This will decrease the added tension of fast moving chi.

Lastly, it is highly recommended that one space be designated for complete solitude. This sacred alter may be a tabletop or a whole room, that anyone can stop by and be reminded that a peaceful existence is the key. It may be a place to go to during upsetting moments, to reclaim personal balance, to read or spend some time in prayer or meditation.

All in all a trained feng shui eye can detect these subtle energy flows and make suggested adjustments to bring the peace and harmony back into your home. Energy and its flow has a subconscious yet direct impact of inhabitants of a space. Feng Shui will not only make an impact on the beauty of the space and how it “feels”, but will ensure quality surrounding for those that live there creating a happy, healthy environment for you and your loved ones.

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