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October 23rd 2021 - When I was a young man I used to really love riding dirt bikes. I used to ride on logging roads and trails as fast as I could. My attention was so busy trying to go fast that my sights were always focused way in front away from where I was and most of my surroundings were just a blur. I always seemed to be in a hurry to get away from where I was to somewhere else as fast as I could. Once I got to somewhere else I was never happy there either, so I just kept on going.

It took me a lot of years to realize just how much of life I was missing by racing away from where I was. From a therapist perspective it was more of an avoidance of the present moment than anything else, as I was not happy within myself, so I was always trying to get away by seeking happiness elsewhere. Eventually my chronic unhappiness motivated me to start looking deep within myself to...

Here is a short 1:51 min video on my website I did on this topic:

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