Childless by Choice or Circumstance
Most people think that adults choose to become parents. But no one becomes a parent unless a Spirit Baby chooses them first.They usually choose the future mother, which makes her want to become a mother.

June 25th 2021 - Childless by Choice or Circumstance

My take on this issue is probably a little unusual.
Most people would assume that the choice involved is that of the parents or parents to be.
Not so!
In my spiritual work with 1000 couples who are TTC, this is what I have learned.
If a person wishes to become a parent, it is because a Spirit Baby (or more than one) has chosen the person. In almost all cases they choose the mother (which is directly related to most women being far more invested in parenthood than most men.)
If a woman does not want a child at all, it is because there is no Spirit Baby in her aura. I noticed this years ago, before I embarked on my specialty. I had about 1000 clients before 2012 who came for all sorts of issues. Hypnotherapy, Aromatherapy, Reiki and channeling were the modalities I offered.
One of my clients, a young woman, was highly unusual. I pinpointed the reason...she had no Spirit Baby in her aura! She also had zero interest in becoming a mother...both highly unusual situations.
The clients who come to me for infertility/regret over termination/ repeated miscarriage /inability to get pregnant , in all cases, have at least one Spirit Baby. This being is almost always found in the woman’s aura, sometimes in that of the man, sometimes apparently attached to both (with two silver cords.)
(A similar phenomenon of two cords can occur with adoptive and birth mothers, as I will explain later).

As to the circumstances which make a couple unable to bring a baby successfully to term, they usually have spiritual rather than biological causes. I say this because virtually all my clients have been to a great many expensive doctors, without a solution to their problem being found.
But when they learn to communicate with their Spirit Baby, it is surprising and heartening how many of them are able to successfully become parents. This communication is something every woman can do...with encouragement, with awareness of what is involved...sometimes with hypnosis , during which all future moms (and every dad who is willing to try) experience what is widely known as “woman’s intuition”...that is, the ability to know what one’s child needs no matter whether it is a toddler or pre-verbal baby ,whether it is too far away from the mother for her usual senses to operate...and even when the baby is only a gleam in the father’s eye.
(For example. maternal cravings during pregnancy are a universal phenomenon. They are evidence that the baby is letting the mom know what is needed for its optimum development.)

Suppose the “circumstance” is apparent inability to conceive?
The best solution for this is conscious conception.
When a couple are able to make love with the intention of making a baby, they should plan on assisting in the important part of conception…the attachment of the spirit baby to the embryo.
When a couple has made love and the woman’s face is glowing with love, this creates a conception cradle above her head…a halo which indicates the crown chakra (connection to Spirit) is fully open. This will be a beacon welcoming the baby home …for the Spirit Baby enters through the mother`s crown chakra.
Suppose the circumstance is regret over a termination?
Stress is a very important reason for infertility. Stress due to guilt can be reduced when the future mother forgives herself, with her Spirit Baby’s help. The Spirit Baby cannot be destroyed by the death of a fetus. The Spirit Baby is usually fully understanding of the mother’s decision. For example, she may not be with the right partner. The Spirit Baby is always aware of the mother’s feelings, so they can empathise much more than most mothers understand.
Suppose the circumstance is repeated miscarriage?
Doctors like to say there was something wrong with the fetus. This is not the whole story, as there are plenty of Spirit Babies who are willing to take on the challenge of a defective body ( otherwise no child would be born with a disability). But if their own Spirit Baby has a life task which requires good health, then it is true the parents may have to wait for a healthy body.
It is also true that some Spirit Babies come from a traumatic past life in which, for example, they were killed after birth for being female. This was quite a common situation in parts of China until very recently, and in male-dominant India(and the South Asian diaspora worldwide. In my years of teaching Grade One in a predominantly South Asian neighbourhood, I had 20 boys and 5 girls in my Grade One class for six years in a row).
There were about 20 million missing girls over the last decades in India and approximately the same number in China, causing a huge lack of available wives for young men, with subsequent unrest and social problems .
But these Spirit Baby souls need to be mourned in order to have a healthy life. So they may choose to come to new parents who dearly want a child of either gender. And then be lost, maybe more than once. When they finally come to stay, to these new parents who were not part of their original soul group, they will be dearly loved and valued.

Suppose the couple have done everything right and still cannot make a baby themselves?
Well, the parents must be willing to accept the child or children who have chosen to come to them through another woman who has no intention of keeping the baby she is already carrying.
One couple I worked with had Spirit Babies who told them they were coming through the bodies of a couple who were not fit to be parents. It was the job of the ones who wanted the babies to jump through the hoops of an adoption agency .This would not be easy... but the two children had chosen the adoptive parents (attaching silver cords to the real mother who would raise them, and also to the unfit mother who would give them up). When I gave this message to the chosen parents, they were willing to go through the steps of getting the children who were actually ‘their ‘ children, but who would come through adoption. In a few months my clients told me that they were adopting twin boys.

By Christine Nightingale

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This article is a chapter from my book, Spirit Baby Two, which is based on my work with hundreds of couples who had fertility issues. Spirit Baby and Spirit Baby Two are available form Amazon.