The Importance of Telling Our Stories
Everyone has a story to tell. This inspires literature, music, and art. Believing one has a fertility issue can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. The hypothalamus controls ovulation and is affected by stress.

May 14th 2021 - The Importance of Telling our Stories
As a very young child I taught myself to read, and discovered the magic of knowing other people’s stories. A good work of fiction...or an autobiographical account...has always allowed me to jump into another person’s worldview.
In the recently published memoir Educated , the author , Tara Westover, a contemporary young woman, tells of her difficult childhood without any formal education , living in a large family of survivalists with a paranoid father. Tara Westover struggled for the right to learn about the larger world... history, art, literature, human relations...which was denied to her as a child.
I could relate, because as a child who was deemed gifted, I was told by my father to hide my intelligence, as boys don’t like girls to be bright. I also was told that my friends were a bad influence, and family should be sufficient. So my older brother and I would climb out of the fire escape when we wanted to see our friends.
As a teacher, I was drawn to helping children who needed to have extra help in being able to tell their stories. One was a little girl who, due to a birth injury at the level of one of her higher vertebrae, was unable to control her arms and legs or even to speak. Yet she understood and laughed at the jokes my teaching assistants and I would tell to lighten our own load as we worked with multiply challenged children. So I determined that the first key to helping my student get out of her bodily prison was to let her express her sense of humor ...through the use of specialized mini tape recorders programmed with “knock knock” jokes, which she could operate with her head.
Another girl had not learned to read by grade four. She told her stories through her beautiful art work. I soon realized that she was deaf and had never been diagnosed.
As a holistic fertility counselor, I provided a listening ear to women who had gone through the pain of multiple miscarriages, or a stillbirth, or inability to get pregnant. Some had had an abortion as a scared teenager, and had never forgiven themselves. All of these circumstances led to a feeling that the inability to bear a child was somehow their fault.
Believing that you have a fertility issue can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. You see, the hypothalamus, a tiny almond shaped organ in the brain, control both ovulation and implantation. When a woman is stressed it tends to shut down ovulation and implantation.
But it is not only women who need to be heard. The most effective way I have found of helping women overcome these issues is helping them learn to communicate with their Spirit Babies. For the baby’s spirit is alive before it incarnates, and its greatest desire is to be “heard” by the chosen mother.
Fortunately all women have or can develop this ability. It is called woman’s intuition. Its function is to facilitate the mother anticipating the child’s needs during pregnancy (as with food cravings), in childhood (as when a child is hurt in a playground full of noisy children and the mother can pick out her own child’s cry), and even when the child is an adult ,many miles away, and is in danger.
1.) Clairvoyance(clear seeing)
“I now sing to and talk with my Spirit Baby often often...and I know she hears me. I asked her for an obvious sign, that I needed to know it was her. A feather flew right into my hands the following day.... It wasn't a bird's feather, it wasn't a pillow feather, it was a feather like I have never seen. I knew it was her sign for me.”
This mother is developing her clairvoyance- the ability to “see” the message in something visual which is out of place and directly relates to a spiritual issue.
In another example the Spirit Baby often takes the form of a bird or butterfly.
“Mother: The bird with a beautiful red chest flew into our house 3 days ago
They say it’s for death.
Your daddy said it's a new life.
Was it you?
Your mommy”

Spirit baby; “Yes, Mommy, that was me.”

In a third example of clairvoyance, the mother had learned that in Japanese lore, the spirit between lives takes the form of a butterfly.

She saw a lovely butterfly in her garden, and excitedly texted her husband, who was miles out to sea fishing with his father-in-law. At the same moment her husband saw a butterfly. (Spirit can be in two places at once.)
2.)Clair audience(clear hearing)

Another “clair” which can be developed-once the mother realizes it is possible to have communication with the spirit realm –is clair audience.
When mothers of babies who are not yet conceived hear a small voice (and there is no other child speaking nearby) she hears very simple words such as “Mommy Mommy Mommy” or “I’m here”.
There may also be the mother’s own higher self, clearly audible as her own voice, saying ”This is going to work” which was interpreted as meaning “Spiritual communication is being established and pregnancy will follow.”
3.)Clair sentience (clear feeling)
A mother wonders, “When I sing to my Spirit Baby I do not hear a voice. I do not see anything. But I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Does that mean anything?”
Yes, it does. This mother is feeling clair sentience- a feeling associated with love, with holding a baby .Her own heart energy is making her feel warm and fuzzy when it feels the answering love of the Spirit Baby in her aura.
4.) Clair cognizance (clear knowing)
Finally, there is the phenomenon of Clair cognizance
I was traumatized by my miscarriage. I did not yet know that miscarriage is very often a means to an end of spiritual awakening in the mother.
When I became pregnant again I asked my child for a sign. That night I dreamed of a little boy running towards me in a sunlit meadow. I “just knew” that this was a sign from the baby that he was all right, and I delivered a healthy boy.
By Christine Nightingale. I have helped over 600 mothers learn to communicate with their Spirit Babies.

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