Music Therapy in the Natural and Spiritual World
Human language may have originated in a lullaby.birds sing the sun up in indigenous legends.A cat's purr operates at the correct frequency to help bones heal.Bird songs help leaf pores open to absorb nutrients.

April 29th 2021 - Music Therapy in the Natural and Spiritual World
“Music has charms to sooth the savage breast.”
If music be the food of love, play on.”
Poets and writers instinctively feel the connection between music and the spiritual .And so do ordinary people, including little children soothed by a mother’s wordless lullaby in the dawn of prehistory, in a cave somewhere in the south of France. (For I believe that human language originated in a mother’s lullaby, just as paleolithic cave drawings made by hunters by the light of a torch were the first human art.)
And in our time the singer of modern love songs tries to persuade his beloved how much he loves her in his song(from “am I rough enough, am I rich enough...I’m not too blind to see” from the Rolling Stones to “She loves you” by the Beatles ..
Where are the origins of music? Look no farther than the dawn chorus...birds singing the sun up, as in indigenous legends) which scientists have determined makes the stomata (pores)on leaves open , so that they can absorb the nutrients they need from the sun and water. In fact, successful greenhouses pipe in recordings of bird songs in the morning, so that this natural gift is available to the seedlings.
Consider the soothing music of a cat purr, which I was blessed with before starting this article in the wee hours of the morning .Again, scientists have now determined that the lovely lullaby emitted by a happy cat, whether a mother nursing her kittens, or a domestic feline serenading the one who gives him food ,shelter and love)vibrates at the correct frequency to help bones heal.
Spirit Babies often connect themselves to a small flying thing like a butterfly or a bird, which then gets the mother or father’s attention by acting in unusual ways. Last night my phone client’s Spirit Baby went one better by managing to operate a door chime(or the person who rang it.)
We were having a conversation about the many ways in which Spirit gets your attention by making manifest entries into the ‘real’ world .
I explained to her that my mother , who passed 7 years ago, still looked in on me from time to time. Once I was in a store I frequently enter, which had never before (or since, to my knowledge) had public service announcements or piped in music. Well, I was missing my mom, and all of a sudden, her favourite song came over the loudspeakers. The whole song played. I was bathed in the knowledge that she had managed to contrive this answer to my grief. The song ended, no further music, no announcement of any any ears but my own. My mom had sent her spirit message of comfort to me in her own way.
At the end of our hour of discussion of ‘spirit moving in mysterious ways “, before embarking on our trance session, the client suddenly gave an impromptu speech to her Spirit Baby saying ”Yes, I have one more question, when are you coming, when are you really coming , what more do I have to do,” and words to that effect. Suddenly she heard the doorbell. She was startled and said “someone is at the door” and she exited stage left to deal with that “interruption.” G... returned in a couple of minutes saying there was no one there. I told her,’ You missed something.”
“Your Spirit Baby somehow contrived to let you know he was there by getting someone to ring the doorbell at just the moment you had finished your little speech, asking for a sign.
The future mom, still clued out, said “But it’s nighttime and I don’t want to answer the door, I wasn’t expecting anyone.....”
“Yes, and your Spirit Baby was telling you that it was time you were expecting someone.”
You see, children are fresh from Spirit. Some of them hold onto that for a long time (up to the age of 7, which the Catholic Church calls the” age of reason” .... supposedly children can put away childish things at that age). But in fact the tragedy is that this is when most children forget that they come trailing clouds of glory.
My four year old granddaughter told her mom that once in another time, she was the mom and her mother was the daughter. Now she is 7, and has probably let go of that knowledge. My not- yet- two year old grand-daughter spontaneously says the Dutch words for yes and no(yah and nee) which no one has taught her. My son’s wife half -jokingly told me that she must have been Dutch in her past life. (I actually know this is the case. My beloved Aunt Corrie promised me after her passing that she was coming back as one of my grandchildren.)
I know I was 5 when I stopped seeing angels in the garden...because I realised that my brother could not see them.

But the Wild Things, Mother Nature’s children, never stop singing the celestial music, of only we had ears to hear them
Everyone knows that birds sing, although most do not know the true significance of that song in the interplay between plants and animals which is no more mysterious than that between a conductor and the orchestra.

Actually “All Nature sings and round me rings the music of the spheres” (from the centuries- old hymn), is completely true .It is true on all scales and in all environments, from the leviathan of the ocean, to the cricket in the grass.
Whales can sing four song conversations at once, which can be heard as deep sonic booms hundreds of miles away by others of their kind. And when the songs are captured on recording devices and speeded up to be comprehensible to humans, they sound remarkably like classical music.
On the other end of the size spectrum, crickets chirp on summer nights in my garden just at dusk. When one records their song and slows it down considerably ,again in order to make it comprehensible to human ears, one hears the same sort of angelic music.
Looking for music therapy? Look no further than the manifestations of Spirit which are all around you, in the healing songs of Mother Nature.

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This is a chapter from my second book , Spirit Baby Two, available from Amazon. I help clients connect with their future children to facilitate conception.