Spirit Babies and Shamanism
All mothers are birth shamans. Spirit babies may choose challenges and/or parents who will encourage them.Over many lifetimes souls may choose different races/social classes/challenges.

April 02nd 2021 -

Chapter Twenty-Three :Spirit Babies and Shamanism

Every woman who successfully gives birth is a Birth Shaman. She brings the soul of the child over from the other world which is our real Home…into this world, which is illusory at best, and painful to experience at worst( although at some instants of full awareness it may well be breathtakingly beautiful.)

Coming into this plane implies a great leap of faith by the Spirit Baby, who leaves the other side (where all is light and love)…not always willingly! The spirit baby always chooses parents who will help it learn what it needs to learn in this incarnation. It chooses, not always the most loving and caring of parents, but those who will help it-sometimes by presenting a great challenge. So a child whose life task is to be a musician may choose parents who will encourage and nurture this goal…or parents who make it almost impossible to fulfill.

And it is a given that the Spirit baby chooses , sometimes , a very challenging environment and social circumstances .So for example. Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela both had to be born black in racist societies to fulfill their life tasks. In both cases, they sought freedom and equality for their own people…yet …it is sad to think how many people do not yet understand that we are all one HUMAN race. (And all spirit babies have belonged to different ethnic backgrounds, genders and social classes.)

Being a shaman means making the Other Side (of peace and love and “magic”) evident and present in this reality. So all those who choose to work in order to advance human understanding or a love of beauty , be they Michelangelo or Beethoven or Marie Curie or Hildegarde von Bingen, have taken part in the path of the Universal Shaman.
The Spirit Baby who became Martin Luther King may well have known before he embarked upon his life task that martyrdom might well await him. The spirit baby who became Anne Frank may have understood too that her life was going to be one of sacrifice . For if she had not been born Jewish just before the Holocaust, she would not have written the book which has moved millions to tears , just to think that a 15 year old could be killed for her ethnic heritage.

So there is a sense in which anyone who truly becomes aware of, accepts, and embarks upon their life task…despite the obstacles they will inevitably face, the challenges to be overcome…sometimes the suffering to be borne…is embarking on a shamanic journey of a lifetime’s duration .
Spirit Babies, at the time of their birth, are potential shamans…that is, they come trailing clouds of glory as William Blake said. They bring the light of understanding, the understanding we all entered this world with. And any of them will speak with the wisdom of many lifetimes, to any who choose to hear…a skill which any mother can learn.(Yes, and some fathers too, though not as many seem aware of the possibility.)

All this does NOT mean that if a child does not come to birth the mother has failed in her task of birth shaman. For often it is not until decades later that it become clear why a child did not come to birth, or survive birth, or passed as a very young child. Sometimes of course the parents may never really know.
I can illustrate this with a story.
My second son Donald (all names changed ) is very good–hearted, athletic, and a talented writer as an adult .

After the first day of kindergarten he set off on his tricycle to visit his new friend, who lived a block away.
His friend Arthur’s mother Mary (names have been changed ) was absolutely thrilled that her son had made his first personal friend . She was a single mom, who arranged play dates for her son with her friends’ kids. This was the first time Arthur had had a friend of his own.
For the next fourteen years the boys were inseparable. Mary often took the two of them out on expeditions. She grew very fond of Donald.
In time she told me about her older son who had passed at birth, perfect body, no medical reason why he never breathed .I understood immediately what had happened, but held my peace until the time was right.

Years later Mary said to me.” I think of Donald as my spiritual son.”

“Donald was your son,” I said to her. “He came to you briefly, even though his path was to be my son in this lifetime. He needed to come for the nine months. A spirit baby can exit right up to the instant of birth. Donald left, and came to me soon thereafter. He is almost a year older than Arthur, but they were still able to be in the same kindergarten class. The guides and angels would have arranged the details. The first day Donald met his brother…from that other life… he felt the connection. And so they grew up as brothers.”

Mary was quiet for a few moments as she let all this sink in.

“I’m glad.” She said, “My son did not just leave for no reason. My two “sons” are as close as brothers after all. And I have always known the older one, haven’t I…from the day they met.”

“Yes,’ I said,” a part of their life task was to be brothers until they grew up. Donald’s decision as to how he could be a brother to Arthur… and also to the brother and sister he had in his life as my son…was made when he was still a Spirit Baby.”
Mary: “He knew he would have to find his brother of the previous life…”
“Yes…and all of us are on a spiritual journey from the instant of conception until the last breath…and then, later, we start all over again.”
“So what makes any one of us a Shaman?”
“An awareness that this earth plane is an illusion, a stage …What is important is life task, soul mates, guides, angels , love…. especially love…well, love is the ONLY thing that matters. It is what keeps the universe from flying apart.”

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