Spirit Babies and Animal Spirit Guides
Animals in the environment(real or symbolic) may be messages from Spirit.When a mother is about to conceive, animals may give her messages. Aboriginal people and sacred texts have mentioned signs for many years.

March 19th 2021 - Chapter from Spirit Baby Two: Spirit Babies and Animal Spirit Guides (horse, butterfly, cardinal, bear)

When doing trance work with my fertility clients, I encourage them to ask their Spirit Babies (spirits of future children) what is the baby’s favorite animal.
There is a reason for this.
All of us are connected. Every living thing, every robin, every rock. Images we see in the natural world, or in our dreams, can therefore be important messages from our guides.
Aboriginal North Americans say that our dreams can give warnings of possible futures; the aboriginals of Australia felt that Dreamtime was more real than the everyday world.
Spirit is in everything. A sign which comes from the environment-inner or outer-(not from a friend or adviser directly talking to you about a problem)- is a cledon. These messages may be recurring numbers, license plates with messages, signs on trucks, overheard conversations which address your issue, or animals... in any form...live, image, statue, stuffed animal.
Now let’s say that a Spirit Baby tells its mom during her trance state that the favorite animal is a horse.
According to Steven Farmer, who wrote Animal Spirit Guides, if horse shows up it means specific things .(I have found that when the mother is communicating with her spirit baby in trance (usually sessions occur before conception) the messages apply to both mother and child.)
Message: “You are about to embark on an unexpected adventure and will have to move very quickly once it’s initiated ....You’re more powerful than you think you are . This situation requires strong warrior energy, balanced with sensitivity, patience and compassion.”
When working with my clients who have had miscarriages, I encourage them to look for cledons in the environment (inner and outer). For example, it is believed in Japan that a spirit between lives can take the form of a butterfly.
1.) When I told this to a client, she excitedly told me that after her lost pregnancy, an unusual butterfly flew in to the house , landed on a curtain ,and stayed for several hours. She now understood that her miscarried baby was letting her know that she was coming back.
2.) Another client told me that as she was texting her husband(who was in a boat on the ocean, fishing with the client’s father) he saw a butterfly, miles from shore, at the same time that my client noticed one in her garden. (Spirit can be in two places at one time .)

Again according to Steven farmer, PHD,
“ if butterfly shows up, it means ...get ready for a big change ...a new way of being is emerging ...You’re going through a major life transition...You want to put more romance into the relationship with your spouse or intimate partner...You have a profound appreciation of other natural cycles of life/death/rebirth that occur with and around you.”
Future mothers also commonly get unusual visits from birds, such as a red bird sitting pecking at her window for hours .
“If cardinal shows up, it means ...Someone needs your compassionate and loving attention and has flagged you down to get it . Stop right where you are, observe your surroundings ,then notice the sensations in your body. This is a very creative time ,one where it’s best to heed your intuitive guidance as to how to express this creativity. You want to improve your diet and be more careful about eating the kinds of foods that are healthy and that your body requires .You want to learn to listen to your intuition more closely, but you’re not sure how to go about it ...You have access to a powerful feminine creative energy , and are able to listen closely to your intuitive guidance.”

We are affected by animal spirit guides even if we are not consciously aware of it. For example. what is the most common stuffed animal which parents give to their babies?
You likely thought, a teddy bear. Why? Because the mother bear is universally understood to be the most protective of all animal species .So the parents are unconsciously expressing their desire to offer protection to the offspring .
According to Steven Farmer, “If Bear shows up it means...“You may be in need of some physical or emotional healing. Be gentle, and show your love to those you are close to ....Balance your activities with periods of rest. Don’t forget to play...Call on Bear when you need physical, emotional or psychic protection.”
A giant rubber duck was a very popular tourist attraction in Toronto harbour recently. The message of duck (perhaps picked up subconsciously) is “This is a time for fertility, either literally or metaphorically...it’s time to have fun and maybe even get a little silly.”
As mothers learn to understand their intuitive messages from the environment, including animals which seem to just show up , they become more aware of how they can invite their babies in, communicate with them, and fill their needs.

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This is a chapter from my second book. Spirit Baby and Spirit Baby Two are available from Amazon.