The case for a Spiritual Understanding of Human Life
Messages from deceased loved ones,Reiki healing, and dream messages, are examples of spiritual experiences.There have been a great increase in infertility and miscarriages recently. We are on a spiritual journey.

February 19th 2021 - Chapter Twenty: The Case for a Spiritual Understanding of Human Life
A woman who is seeing a (male) therapist about the unexpected terrible aftermath of having a termination told me that her therapist is advising her to get over it, it’s no big deal. He is showing her videos about, supposedly, Neil de Grasse Tyson saying human life is all an accident.
Neil Degrasse Tyson is a brilliant astronomer, and I have never read anything by him that indicates he does not believe in the spirituality of life.
Quite the opposite. And if he has said that somewhere, I do not have to agree with him!
My own experiences with angels and past life memories started when I was a baby. Yet growing up in a materialistic culture (with an agnostic father and a never-talk -about important things type of mother), I shut down (talking about these experiences) at age 5. I learned to keep all that inside for years...until I was 46 and took Reiki, which was immediately followed by my receiving messages from the deceased relatives of the people who came to me for help.
(Reiki is not particularly mysterious. Every loving mother knows the phenomenon of a child with a minor injury running to her to kiss it better. Every good friend knows that a hug can be better than any words when comfort is needed. And the loving touch really does heal, with the simple intent to heal leading to a transfer of warm energy).
But a big part of my spiritual re-awakening came when I realized that the medical establishment was worse than useless at the time of the miscarriage of my first baby, when I was looking for answers that made sense.
My own spirit baby comforted me when I was carrying him(in my next pregnancy) by giving me the sign I asked for. He came to me in a dream, running toward me in a field of flowers. This reassured me as nothing else could have.
It’s so tiresome when people who should know better (counselors who deal with the indomitable human spirit, and doctors who deal with the miraculous human body) refuse to understand that we are more than physical accidents of evolution. We are much more!
Above all, we are spiritual beings, living on a planet which in itself is a major miracle, a self-sustaining system which despite human interference (over the last 200 years especially), manages to provide for most of her plant, animal and human children in a marvelous way.
We are spiritual beings having a human experience, and not the only of many. Ma Nature does not waste souls.????
A lot of people choose to believe in a ferocious, hate-filled, judgemental old white man in the sky. They even invoke supposed eternal punishment on distressed young women who do not feel themselves able to carry a child to term because of a combination of factors, often including lack of partner support.
Personally I feel much better about believing, as the indigenous peoples do, in Mother Earth, Mother Ocean, and Mother Moon, who love all their children.
As to the mind-boggling part of what we are doing to ourselves, here are some of the stats.
A generation ago 6% of couples world -wide had fertility issues
Now the figures are 17%! Why is this not front page news?
My local paper, The Toronto Star, had a feature article today about how 50% of men have a reduced sperm count.
Mother Nature is saying very clearly, “You are destroying your only home, this Garden of Eden planet, and your own future, with all your toxins and chemicals. You are also destroying the human race.”
(Maybe the Garden of Eden myth is actually a foretelling of human hubris, believing ourselves too wise to obey natural laws, leading to our destroying and thus casting ourselves out of the garden we were given to live in.)
Miscarriages (40% of all pregnancies), are likely related to the same environmental issues as infertility. Insecurity about bringing new kids into our toxic mess may also be an underlying (if misunderstood) issue leading to terminations.
The majority of Spirit Babies want to be part of the solution to our environmental problems. They state that they want to help the human race wake up to being, in the age of the Anthropocene, the direct cause of the greatest mass species extinction since the end of the dinosaurs...the droughts, fires, floods, heat waves, melting polar ice caps ,bleaching coral reefs , destroyed rain forests, and very soon, millions of climate refugees.
I also see over and over again that the New Children(Rainbow, Star Seed, Crystal, Indigo), whose task is to soften people’s hearts and change the world into a spiritual place again, need their parents to go on a spiritual journey of discovery. This is precisely why so many mothers and fathers are now reconnecting with the spiritual awareness which humanity has so recently let go of, and which we need to invite back into all our lives.

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This is a chapter from my book, Spirit Baby Two. This book and my first book Spirit Baby, available from Amazon, discuss my work with hundreds of women in overcoming infertility and miscarriage which appear to be environmentally caused.