Spirit Babies and Gay Moms
Sometimes future parents or even grandparents have concerns about how future babies will react to having gay moms. In my work with future gay moms, this has never been a concern of their future children.

January 22nd 2021 - Spirit Babies and Gay Moms

A very good friend of mine (of fifty years) has a gay daughter. He worried while she was pregnant with donor sperm (she has a very nice wife.)
I told my friend,” Get over it, so you will never meet the daddy, you will just have to be more of a grandpa.” And guess what, the baby, now 6, is the spitting image of my good friend. The whole family, (and even the neighbors) could not be happier.

When a client of mine, a gay future mother, expressed concerns that her Spirit Baby would not accept her, the future child was happy to clarify things.

SB: Mommy, the first thing we should clear out the way is that I have no problem with your having a female partner. I do feel that it would be helpful to both of us if you were partnered while you are raising me.

I realise that you feel a certain pressure due to time. Don’t worry too much about that. I mean, if you got pregnant with me before you were in a solid relationship, that would be okay too.

I would really like to have two parents who care for each other, as you did. You understand that, I am sure. I do not care whether it is a man or a woman you choose as your partner, mommy.

What is important is that you are happy, and have someone to help you to raise me. This relationship does not have to happen before you are pregnant. It would be easier for you to go through pregnancy and childbirth and raising a child with a loving partner. But you do not have to have a solid relationship before I am conceived or born.

I have always loved you, in many lifetimes. As you may or may not be aware, all souls have been attached to both male and female bodies, if they have lived many lifetimes.

Well, in our closest lifetime, you and I were two brothers, always inseparable, closer in fact than either of us was to our wives in that lifetime. We were childhood friends in another lifetime, one boy, one girl.
In a third lifetime one was the grandmother of the other.

It does not matter which soul takes which role in a given lifetime. If two souls love each other, they will find many ways to be together. You, Mommy, have not yet established a definite relationship with the person who will be your co-parent. But please have faith that this too will come to pass.

Is the IVF process an interference for your arrival?
SB: No Mommy, it is a great blessing, it gives you more options for your life partner and parenting partner, doesn’t it?
Please take care of your own needs, and realise that unconditional love and trust are very important in bringing a baby to birth. Please make sure that you have a support system to help you when get pregnant, although it does not have to be a relationship as such.

I love you and I believe that we will overcome our challenges together.

Christine: Sometimes souls set up challenges for themselves in order to help to overcome barriers. For example, you may have chosen the challenge of loving women more than men, in order to help break down prejudices which many people have. You see, at a soul level it does not matter a whole lot whether a soul takes on a male or a female role for a particular lifetime. All souls need the experience of being a man or a woman, different ethnic groups, social classes, ability levels and so on.

The indigenous people of North America held the belief that “two-spirited ones” who are able to take on both male and female persona within one lifetime were the most spiritually developed people. They often had the role of shaman within the group.

All will be well. Do you remember that line from Shakespeare, “There is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so?”

SB: You will find a partner to love and help raise me. It does not have to happen before conception.

What if I am not able to find a partner before conception?
SB: In that case you will be brave and strong enough to manage without a partner for a time.
And with what gender?
SB: That is not important to me.

By Christine Nightingale. This is a chapter from my book Spirit Baby Two, available from Amazon. I have helped over 700 sets of parents connect with their Spirit Baby www.nightingalehealing.com

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