A Conversation about Guides and Angels
Guides and angels help humans achieve worthwhile goals(such as having a baby.)Angels were created before humans.Guides have lived at least one human life. Either can be called upon fro assistance.

December 11th 2020 - A Conversation about Guides and Angels
A friend told me one day that she was having difficulty making her travel plans. She wondered out loud whether she could get guides or angels to help her out.
“But of course,” I told her, “just meditate with a candle for a few minutes to “call in” Spirit, get centred, and ask for the help you need. You can speak out loud, or even in your head. Angels and guides do not have the authority to read your thoughts, but they can hear you if you address yourselves to them.”
“Okay”, said my friend, “So I have to ask for a specialized angel? “
I explained that guides and angels essentially do the same job, helping humans to accomplish what they wish to, as long as it does not hurt anyone. Angels were created before humans and have never lived a human life. Spirit Guides were once human beings, so they have been in every occupation imaginable, and some will actually have experience in helping with travel plans. They are human beings between earth lives...so any one of us can be a Spirit Guide at some point between earth lives. For years. Or just for hours.
My friend was bemused. ”Wow, this is so different than I would have ever thought. Catholic religion did not teach us anything like this. My parents were raised Catholic but did not push any beliefs on me. I was exposed to all the Catholic teachings since almost everyone I know is Catholic. So the guides don’t get mad when you ask for help with things like that?’”
“No,” I explained, ”there are a lot of mistaken beliefs in some religions assuming that we should fear God and judgment and all that. Actually the other side is completely benign. There is only love and light, no Hell of any sort. Lost souls may have to be sent to the light to be purified, that’s all.
But guides have all been human at least once. They do the same jobs as angels, helping us fulfill our life tasks, but they also have human experience to draw on.”
“So it is possible to have a human life, take time out as a guide for a while, and then go back to human life?” asked my friend.
“Yes, and guides love to be of service.”
“Okay”, said my friend, ”I’m just having a hard time wrapping my head around this. I know it’s not something to think about as much as it’s something to just believe but HOW do the guides pitch in and help? For example with something like travel plans?”
“Okay, “I explained,” do you remember when I knew it was time to move out of that tiny house my three children grew up in? I listed my requirements...a front room with a fireplace for company, a powder room next to the front door, also for company, and a huge back yard for chickens, bees and fruit trees? I put it out to the universe and within days, my husband said “your house is in the local newspaper?”

“Yes,” said my friend, “and no one was living in it, so you were able to buy it right away.”
“Exactly”, I replied, ”and when you learned to communicate with your Spirit Baby and asked her to come to you, it wasn’t long before you were pregnant and now you have your lovely daughter.”
“Well,” my friend objected, ”that seems more in the nature of a spiritual request, isn’t it? How about everyday reality?”
“All right, let’s say a family needs more money to pay all the bills and live comfortably. What they DON’T do is ask that one of the parents get a raise. Or wins the lottery.”
“Why not?” my friend asked, “That sounds reasonable.”
“But maybe that is not how money is supposed to come to you. Maybe an inheritance is coming, or someone will pay off a long-standing debt you had forgotten about. It is not your problem to solve. Angels and guides love requests for assistance; it’s what they do. The point is that the HOW is left up to them...you ask, then you get out of the way. Don’t limit how your request can be granted.”
Christine Nightingale

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This is a chapter from my book Spirit Baby Two. Spirit Baby and Spirit Baby Two are available from Amazon. Christine Nightingale