To An Adopted Child Entering Adulthood
All children mourn their birth mother connection...sharing a space, a soul, a heartbeat.Spirit babies send out silver cords to birth mothers and if they will be adopted, to adoptive mothers also .

November 27th 2020 - To An Adopted Child Entering Adulthood

You say you are mourning your birth mother.

I feel for you.

I also believe that we all mourn our biological mother.

You see, for nine months we shared a space, a soul, a heartbeat.

We breathed the same air, thought the same thoughts.

For every child is bathed entirely in its mothers' emotions,

which gives direction to life for years thereafter.

It is no different if the child and mother are separated in space and time.

And as to the silver cord which you as a Spirit Baby sent out to both your bio and adoptive mothers... for that is how the angels arrange that the right mother will adopt you...

Well, the one to your bio mother is still there, and pulsing with life at this moment.

And I would intuit that she is missing you too.

She was very young when you were born. She had no supports.

And maybe one of these years, soon, you will need to meet her.

But what you are feeling is also a metaphor for what everyone feels ...

We have the sense that once there was perfect love and unity, and now there is no longer.

It is very hard to find a love which can replace that idealized love between mother and child.

Yet that unity is what we all seek.

We find it in varying degrees, with different partners and friends.

For of course we humans are very social beings.

So perhaps you could ask your angels to connect with her angels,

and let you dream of her, of that mythical time, the garden of Eden,

which each human being has experienced in some sense.

That was a blissful time when, for the most part, there were no problems, and there was the feeling of being surrounded by love, bathed in love.

And in most cases that is the first experience of life on this earth for all of us.

It was perfect love... all our needs being met, being bathed in the emotions of another.

Of course it is harder to work through that when the original object of your affections is no longer there. But she is still on this plane.

And so you can reach her in dream time, just as a Spirit Baby can reach its mother in dream time.

Or in meditation. Or in any form of creative activity, be it writing a poem or painting a picture of your feelings, or making something which encapsulates your feelings.

Write a song for her, why not?

A love song... so many of them reverberate with love and loss, do they not?

That would be a gift to yourself and to her.

One day you may sing it to her.

When you open your throat chakra to sing, your heart chakra is also healing.

May you find Love and light.

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