Meaningful Coincidence and Manifestation
It is possible to manifest what one wants. In my work with women who want children I teach them to use the Law of Attraction to call in the Spirit Babies who have chosen them, who can enter during lovemaking.

October 29th 2020 - Chapter Twelve: Meaningful Coincidence and Manifestation
The universe is benevolent, and all of us are meant to have exactly what we need. The trick is in believing in, and learning how to access, this bounty.
David and the Kitten
The last school night before Christmas my teen-aged son David found a bedraggled kitten in the snow, and took her home inside his coat. After a bath to get rid of her fleas and a fluff dry to show off her long black and white fur, she was scampering around the house in typical kittenish fashion.
My kids were used to strays of all sorts; I ran a school zoo and took in all sort of rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, and the occasional bird or turtle. The local newspaper paper ran an ongoing free ad for my zoo as a local animal shelter.
So I was not surprised when a mother called up saying all the animal shelters were unable to provide the one gift her little girl wanted for Christmas...and she knew I advertised only for caged pets...but did I by any chance know where she could get....a female, long haired, black and white kitten? Well, as “luck” would have it....
My Brothers and their Wives’ Names
Names have a particular energy, and parents who are tuned in to their Spirit Babies may give their children exactly the right names. And it is a given that many people choose variations on the same theme in their different relationships. Also, of course, siblings may have similar personality characteristics and needs.
So it is amusing to me to think that my oldest brother married a woman called Mary, my second brother married a Mary and then a Julie, and my third brother married a Julie.
Déjà vu...the Village Well
One kind of meaningful coincidence is experienced when a person “knows” something upon visiting a new place they have never seen in this lifetime. Subconscious memories from past lives may come to the surface.
A tourist came to a little village in India, where most of the people were illiterate, and said,”But where is the well? I feel that there is supposed to be a well here.”
Nobody knew what he was talking about. Someone fetched the oldest man in the village, who said that his grandfather had told him there had once been a well at that spot.

Preparation for Life task: The haunted castle
The diplomat who spoke multiple languages was asked to help resettle 20,000 WW 2 refugees, most without papers, who were living on the grounds of a medieval castle in Austria. The castle was empty, so his family was invited to live there. His child (me)was conceived in the castle, and the family lived there until she was two.
The castle grounds had been the site of a battle in the Napoleonic wars in which, “coincidentally”, 20,000 soldiers had passed. As a very young child I was aware of the many earthbound spirits. So the first two years of my life became a preparation for my later work as an intuitive(focusing on helping mothers connect with their future children).

Manifestation... Two Requirements for a home
Angels and guides are happy to move Heaven and Earth to help you get what you need in your life.
So when it was time to move from the very small house where I had raised my three children, I put out a call to the universe. I had two requests...a front room with a fireplace,(as I had once enjoyed in a rented space for seeing clients) with a powder room beside it for the use of visitors. Second request, a big back yard (right smack in a big city with mostly tiny back yards)where I could raise some food (honey from bees, eggs from chickens, fruit trees.)
The very next day my husband said, “Your house is advertised in the local paper.” Turns out it had been empty for months...just waiting for us!

Manifesting your Baby: Law of Attraction Bundle
You can use the Law of Attraction to help bring in your Spirit Baby. Simply get something small, just for the baby, as if to prove to you and the observing Spirit Baby that you know your child is real. It could be a pair of booties, preferably hand made. Every day spend five minutes meditating with a candle , with the booties in your hands ,imagining the feeling of a baby in your arms(wearing those booties!).
This is telling your body that you believe you will soon be carrying a child in your womb. And while you are doing this sing a song... preferably one which you associate with babies …it could be anything, though ,which expresses the feelings in your heart.

Manifestation: Conscious Conception
You also need to be aware of conscious conception. When you are able to make love with the intention of making a baby, plan on assisting in the important part of conception…the attachment of the Spirit Baby to the embryo.
When you have made love and the future mother’s face is glowing with love, this creates a conception cradle above her head…a halo which indicates the crown chakra (connection to Spirit ) is fully open. This will be a beacon welcoming the baby home…for the Spirit Baby enters through the mother`s crown chakra.

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