The karmic laws of rebirth
Eight karmic laws are discussed. For example, a deceased child can return to he family in the next generation. A person who dies very old can return to the family several generations later.

October 02nd 2020 - Chapter Nine: The Karmic Laws of Rebirth
China, due to a population of over one billion, has adopted a draconian one-child policy. All pregnancies must be pre-approved by local committees. Abortions are forced on women even if 8 months pregnant, if the pregnancy was not pre-approved. All city dwellers are strictly limited to one child per couple.

What counts as a child in this system? Any couple who has had a child which lives to be fifteen days old has used up its quota. They will never be allowed to have another.

Seems a little harsh for parents, doesn’t it? It’s harsh for babies too. Millions of girls are terminated before or after birth, because many families prefer boys. There is therefore a shortage of girls of marrying age in many regions.

As a therapist working with many couples who have lost a child at various stages, through miscarriage, termination, or death at the age of a year or two, I am often asked,
“Can this same soul come back to me?”
Well, yes and no.
The spiritual rules about soul return are just as real as the laws in China. Let’s look at some examples.

KARMIC LAW NUMBER ONE : A deceased child, from stillbirth to young adult, can return in the NEXT generation, usually to their own sister.

Cathy had an older sister Carolyn who was stillborn. She gave birth to her own daughter (and gave her the same name) . Her mother burst into tears when she first saw the baby saying “she looks just like my Carolyn”. Yes, she was the return of Carolyn.
A young man died in an auto accident at age 19. He was very close to his sister , who had three children, one of whom she named after her brother. Tina frequently says, ”He is just like John!” Well actually, he IS the same soul as John.
KARMIC LAW NUMBER TWO: A person who lives to be very old can return within the family several generations later.

My Mother in law Phyllis was a delightful, very proper English lady with a penchant for matching hats and shoes…and her rocking chair. Her grandson and his wife had a shy little boy of five. Grandma often told the young couple that the little boy needed a sibling, to please make sure he wasn’t lonely. They finally got pregnant just before grandma’s passing.
One night I awoke from a dream of a cracked shell of an ancient queen bee, with a little young queen bee emerging from the shell. I woke my husband and said “Phyllis has passed, and she is coming back very soon.” (She had in fact died during the night.)
Some months later a dying plant which I had rescued from the repo bin burst into full bloom with lovely pink flowers. “Looks like another message from Phyllis, “‘ I said, “She’s going to be a girl again, and she’s almost ready to return.”
The baby girl Maia was extremely strong willed. Before she was a year old she insisted on choosing her own clothes. She was very particular about shoes, and delighted when I bought her two pairs.
When Maia was six months old and I placed her in a child’s rocking chair, she looked at me intently and pushed down the arms to make it go as if to say.” I remember how to do this.” And very soon she became protective of her much older brother. (She also once said, “Can you help me with my buttons? Before when I was huge I could do it, but my little hands don’t remember how to do it.”

KARMIC LAW NUMBER THREE: It is necessary for a life review to occur. However the transfer can even occur while the pregnancy is in place. A spirit baby needs to attach by age 7 weeks, but can flit in and out of the baby body, up until the instant of birth, which is the last moment to detach if it chooses to .
Many of my clients have had terminations for various reasons. In the case of a fetus with a severe life threatening disability which is terminated, the Spirit Baby normally says, ’It’s okay mom and dad, I detached from the body and did not suffer. I am also able to come back to a healthy body when it is time. “
How about miscarried babies?
The Spirit Babies routinely say, ”the body was not healthy” or ‘the time was not right’ or “that was not the right daddy for me.” They also frequently say” I never attached to the body, mommy ,and a body without a spirit baby attached by 7 weeks runs out of energy to grow.”
KARMIC LAW NUMBER FOUR: When a child passes before birth the contract between parent and child has NOT been completed and the child is free to return to the same parents. In other words a child who passes before birth may return as a younger sibling.
But what about a child who passes extremely young for medical or accidental reasons. ..say, at even a few days old?
What I have been informed by the guides is that such a child may well be a spirit guide or inner child to its mother for the rest of her life…this may also occur for a terminated or miscarried child.
KARMIC LAW NUMBER FIVE: a child who has lived on this plane for a few days, or a couple of years, cannot return to the parents as their child. The child may become the sister’s child in another generation, or a spirit guide (or inner child-source of inspiration) to a family member.

When I am working with people who are having difficulty getting pregnant, sometimes they have to “call a child in” as there is no pre-existing contract between them and a spirit baby to become parents. Where do these free-floating spirit babies come from?
Almost all Birth Contracts occur because of a previous past life connection which left unfinished business. However, there are millions of babies who cannot return to their own soul families.
There are two reasons I know of why Spirit Babies may not be able to return to their own soul families.
The first is genocide. The second is killing within the family.
Members of soul families and of earthly families have a fair degree of overlap. After the Holocaust, for example, when one third of the world’s Jewish people perished, the deceased souls may have had to find entirely new soul families to return to.
There were 60,000,000 native people in the Americas prior to Colombus; there are 800,000 now. Obviously many native souls have had to return to non –native soul families.
The aboriginal people of Australia had bounties on their heads; the elders say that the souls of those who were killed return to the families of the descendants of those who collected the bounties.
The most serious holocausts of the present time are occurring in Syria, China and India. The issue in Syria is a government killing off its own people indiscriminately. The issue in China and India is femicide of baby girls, as some parents do not consider a girl child to be a full member of the family; she will be married young and then belong to her husband’s family, and her dowry will be expensive .
A terminated child will usually forgive its parents. They can detach physically, emotionally and spiritually before the procedure.
The baby girls who are killed AFTER birth by their own parents in present-day China and India usually choose to find a whole new soul group. This is why a couple who want to call in a Spirit Baby, as they do not have a contract to have a child, have no shortage of candidates. A child may be called in by meditation. I have also assisted in calling in a spirit baby when a mother is in trance .(This does not mean the Spirit Baby will necessarily be a girl as Spirit Babies have no set gender for all potential lives.
KARMIC LAW NUMBER SEVEN: All souls which are not brand- new have been incarnated as different genders, races, social classes, abilities and disabilities.
KARMIC LAW NUMBER EIGHT: There is a soul contract in place with many births which involves the child and at least one parent. If a person wants children they usually have a Spirit Baby in their or their partner’s aura which activates this wish. People who do not want children do not have such a contract or Spirit Baby. But people who do want a baby may still have to call a Spirit Baby in.
(There are probably many reason for the huge increase in infertility world-wide; from 6 % a generation ago to 17% now. Alongside of the obvious culprits… heavy toxic load in air, water, soil and human tissue, there is also the issue of a larger human population than at any previous time in history. New souls are being created right now, and also presumably reincarnation has to occur much more quickly than in previous times. I do not think that my clients with fertility issues have done anything wrong; rather they are the canaries in the coal mine. Their future children usually also understand their life task very well and require parents who are already on a spiritual journey.)

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