Grandparents, Siblings and Spirit Babies
Spirit Babies choose their parents.Love lasts forever.A stillborn child may return to its own sister. Souls complete unfinished business in a subsequent life. Reincarnation may lead to reversed roles.

September 18th 2020 - Chapter Eight: Grandparents, Siblings and Spirit Babies
Part One
What I was told by parents, over decades as a teacher, is that the grandparents helped care for the kids, and were very loving, but spoiled the children with candy and let them get away with things.
What I was told by children, over the same time period, is that their grandparents always had time to play and have fun, and did not judge them, and always made them feel loved.
What I learned when I became a grandparent, was something no one had ever told me. You love your grandchildren just as much as you love your children. But you have more patience and wisdom now, so you put things into a larger perspective. You know that the moments of childhood are very precious and fleeting, and that most of the things parents fret about are not as important as they think.
What is important is the love, and the ways that love finds to last forever.
Part Two
A young mother lost a one–month- old child. Within the year she had a daughter. 28 years later her daughter gave birth to a son. The grandmother often (in a Freudian slip) referred to her young grandson as her son, and he was the favorite among her grandchildren.
The grandson was the only one who chose to spend his university years living with his grandmother, and so he became the last person with whom she developed a strong connection before she developed Alzheimer’s.
What did that grandmother unconsciously know?
Another mother had a stillborn daughter, followed by a healthy daughter who she named Cathy. Cathy eventually gave birth to a daughter and named her after the sister she had never known. Upon first seeing the new baby Cathy’s mother burst into tears and said,”She looks exactly like my first baby.”
What did Mom and Grandma both understand at an intuitive level?
A young man died in an auto accident at the age of 19. When his sister became a mother years later, she said that her second son was “just like” her deceased brother. Perhaps she did not have the framework to understand that it WAS the soul of her brother, returning to complete unfinished business.
In my work helping 600 families connect with their Spirit Babies, one theme that has come up frequently is that a child or young adult who passes too young can return in the next generation, to his/her own sister.
Part Three
A great grandma, almost 90, was worried that her great grandson, a shy child of 6, was lonely without a sibling. She kept telling her grandson that he and his wife should have another child.
When the young woman got pregnant, Great Grandma took to calling her Little Mother.
Very soon thereafter Great Grandma passed. That night her daughter-in- law had a dream of an old husk of a queen bee, with a new young queen bee emerging out of it.
After the new little girl was born everyone remarked on how much her personality resembled that of her great-grandma. She had been a very proper British lady with all her clothes, shoes, and handbag, carefully sorted and matched. The little girl, by the age of 6 months, was expressing definite opinions about what she was willing to wear, and she had a special affinity to shoes.
Her mom, who was of Hindu background, was quite sure that Great Grandma had arranged to come back to her own family…deciding in advance of her passing who her parents would be!
And the child herself seemed to remember this. Once she asked ’Could you help me with my buttons? Once when I was huge I used to know how to do buttons, but now my little fingers don’t remember how.”
(BTW Spirit Babies need to attach to a body by 7 weeks. However it sometimes occurs that the incumbent is asked to “move over” as another Spirit Baby has a stronger claim.)
Part Four
A bereaved mother in trance connected with her Spirit Baby and asked him, “Was there anyone there to greet you?” The message she got was “My father was there…I just see myself with him…a child holding his hand ...they seem to be happy…Father’s touching his head.. Baby is looking at my father... I feel a warm hand on my hand… my father always had warm hands. My message to my father…Thank you. I miss you. It’s good to know you’re there with him. ”
A mother in trance asked her future child, “Do you have a previous connection with Mommy? Her child told her,” Yes. I was your grandfather…your mommy’s daddy…I passed young, before you were born.”
When I taught kindergarten a little girl once ran up to me ,very excited ,and said ,”Mrs. Nightingale, Mrs. Nightingale, I have something to tell you. Before when I was big and my daddy was little, he was my baby and he was in my tummy.”
This sort of past life memory is not unusual; many Spirit Babies confirm that they wish to reverse roles, having had prior experience as parents to the one(s) who will now parent them.
My beloved Aunt Corrie told me, in a channeling after her passing, “Love is the only thing that matters.” Later she told me that she would return as one of my grandchildren ,and she has done so. We know this because, as her parents reported to me, she started speaking Dutch at the age of two, which no one had taught her.
In all these examples the ties of love were stronger than death. The unfinished business between souls will always find a chance to be completed. Very often unfinished business with loved ones is the reason why Spirit Babies choose their new parents.

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