Overcoming Spiritual Obstacles to Conception
The attachment of the Spirit Baby to the embryo is essential. The stress of infertility needs to be addressed .A Spirit Baby is a future child who has chosen the parents .

September 04th 2020 - Chapter Seven: Overcoming Spiritual Obstacles to Conception

There are three main reasons for the frequent failure of high-tech solutions to infertility.

The first issue is that the attachment of the Spirit Baby to the embryo has not been taken into account. This is actually the most important part of conception. A fertilized egg runs out of energy to grow if a Spirit Baby does not attach by seven weeks.

As previously explained this may explain the very high rate of overall miscarriage (at least 40% of all pregnancies under ‘normal’ conception conditions.)

Attachment can be facilitated by making love as soon as possible after a fertility procedure. “Conscious conception” makes successful implantation more likely in ALL situations. The love expressed by partners for each other during “ordinary” lovemaking creates literally a far more fertile field for the Spirit Baby to attach.
But let’s say that you and your partner are contemplating a medical procedure such as IVF, IUI, or even simple sperm donation. The next time you are able to make love after the procedure, plan on assisting in the most important part of conception…the attachment of the Spirit Baby to the embryo.
Haloes shown on angels and holy figures in all religions show a universal awareness of how a being looks when the Crown Chakra (connection to Spirit) is open.
When you and your partner have made love and the woman’s face is glowing with love, this creates a “conception cradle” above her head…this can be visualized as an open bowl which indicates that the spiritual chakra is fully open. This will be a beacon welcoming the baby home. The Spirit Baby enters through the mother`s crown chakra.
The second issue is stress on the part of one or both parents. Few life issues are more stressful than infertility, so the mother needs to be at an optimum point of self -confidence before entering the treatment room. The hypothalamus (a tiny organ in the brain) can shut down ovulation and implantation if the mother is under too much stress.

But overcoming stress, and having faith in one’s own ability to heal,
can be facilitated by Hypnosis for Fertility, just prior to a session. This has been shown by researchers at Soroka University in Israel to double the success rate of medical procedures. (It can also be done by phone.)

The third problem is that some parents wonder whether there really is a Spirit Baby for them … a child who has chosen them for karmic reasons. This problem can be alleviated when parents start to understand that there really is one (subconscious awareness of the incoming soul is why these parents want a child.) Perhaps there is more than one…and it is possible to communicate with the future babies.

Hypnosis for Fertility can be combined with developing intuition on the part of future mothers. Mothers choose the questions which they themselves want to ask their babies. When in trance, 100% are able to get intuitive answers themselves… because all mothers, and some spiritually aware fathers, have what is commonly known as ‘woman’s intuition”.

This is the ability to know what is going on with their children even when the children are not in the parent’s line of sight or within hearing range. This intuition is present before conception…in fact, as soon as there is a Spirit Baby in the aura of either parent. (Women’s intuition is the reason why food cravings are universal during pregnancy; the mothers get information from the babies about the foods they need to grow properly.)

I see the three issues above as being spiritual and 100% solvable. Parents must take the first step by becoming aware of the sacred nature of conception. There is no more sacred act that any human being can engage in than making love to facilitate conception. Conception involves bringing a Spirit Baby over from the other side, the realm of light and love, into the plane of existence in which we live.

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