The Timing of a Conception
A miscarried/ terminated child can return. Spirit Babies control when this occurs.A fertilized egg must be chosen by a Spirit Baby to become viable.Mothers can learn to communicate with their Spirit Babies.

August 21st 2020 - Chapter Six: The Timing of a Conception

Making a baby body is more complicated than making love. This is of special interest to parents who may have already lost a child at an early stage.
If a child is miscarried or terminated, it is still able to return to the same mother. Spirit Babies have an amazing amount of control over when this occurs…and parents can also help with the attachment process.
This is a different matter than the biological conception of a fertilized egg. It is understood medically that a huge percentage of pregnancies end in miscarriage (40% that the mothers are aware of)…but if a fertilized egg is never chosen by a Spirit Baby, it can only grow on its own for a very limited time(about 7 weeks.). A fertilized egg which never implants becomes a very early miscarriage.
Stress can interfere with implantation as the hypothalamus (a tiny organ in the brain) shuts down this process. So can the lack of an attached Spirit Baby. It is the Spirit Baby which gives a body the life force it needs to grow properly, according to the needs of its life task.
One mother lost a child to miscarriage, and her Spirit Baby let her know that the time had not been right. The baby promised to return when the time was more suitable. The mother conceived again exactly one year after the miscarriage.
This was a clear sign that the same Spirit Baby had returned.
In another extreme situation, a mother had a termination as the partner did not want a child. Exactly ten years after the termination date, this time in a happy relationship, she gave birth to a daughter. It was a clear signal that the same soul had returned.
Three mothers learned how to communicate with their Spirit Baby intuitively. That is, by visual images (clairvoyance), words or music (clairaudience), sensations or emotions (clairsentience) or intuitive understanding (claircognisance). Within a month each of them conceived a child.
Mothers who have communicated with their babies since before conception sometimes report that their babies are the happiest babies they have ever known, with even total strangers gravitating towards them.
Yet Spirit Babies are quick to say that they have no control over when a suitable body is made. Their choice is whether to attach to a fertilized egg, or not. This is crucial, and parents can help babies make this choice… which is by far the most important part of conception.
It requires cooperation between the parents and the future child.
This is likely to be the reason that technological fixes have a very low success rate (about one in four for IVF, IUI, etc.)
Since most Spirit Babies are not impressed with coming in via lab work and surgery, but want to be conceived in love , it helps a great deal if parents use Conscious Conception when trying to get pregnant naturally…or as soon as possible after a procedure.
So if this is your situation, the next time you are able to make love, plan on assisting in the important part of conception…the attachment of the Spirit Baby to the embryo.
When you have been intimate and the future mother`s face is glowing with love, this creates a conception cradle above her head…a halo which indicates the Crown Chakra (energy connection to Spirit) is fully open. This will be a beacon welcoming the baby home …for the Spirit Baby enters through the mother`s Crown Chakra. Parents can then focus on their love for each other and the baby they wish to conceive in love.

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