The Vulnerability of a Spirit Baby
A Spirit Baby is the soul of a future child. They are vulnerable to choices made by their future parents,(and they choose to be). Issues addressed include gender preference and twins.

August 07th 2020 - Chapter Five : The Vulnerability of a Spirit Baby

A Spirit Baby is the spirit who has chosen a mother or a father or a couple to be the parents .That is to say, out of options usually drawn from its soul group, it has chosen to gift some particular being or beings with arguably the greatest gift the universe can bestow…a child to raise and love and nurture.
It is true that many parents do not seem to understand this awesome responsibility. It is true that there are parents who mistreat or neglect their own children, or stepchildren.
But what about before birth?

There are plenty of parents who are angry at their child for not being the preferred gender…but it seems evident that the Spirit Baby does not control the gender of the body (that is up to the y or x chromosome on the sperm.) The Spirit Baby can choose to reject a healthy baby body on the basis of its not being the right gender for its life task, but this is rare.
We do know that there are tens of millions of “missing” girl babies in both China and India who were terminated due to their gender (or killed after birth.) Thankfully the Chinese government has ended their one-child policy, which led to large numbers of selective abortions, and decades later, social chaos as there were not nearly enough young women for the young men who wanted partners.
But meanwhile in areas with a large South Asian population, such as Brampton, Ontario, Canada, selective abortions for gender became ubiquitous. As a Grade One teacher, I had six years of classrooms in which there would be 20 or more boys and five or fewer girls . As a consequence of these abuses, the prenatal screening clinics in Brampton no longer give out information about gender.

So a great many Spirit Babies in these circumstances who chose to attach to a female body (a spirit itself is neither male not female)… made themselves vulnerable to abortion.

There are many parents who believe that Spirit Babies can choose to be twins. It is true that two spirits who are very close, or have very strong karmic connections or unfinished business, may indeed choose to take a single fertilized egg and split it into two potential bodies. This allows for a degree of closeness which may arguably surpass any other tie between people.
Fraternal twins, a much more common phenomenon, are determined by the mother ovulating twice in a month, usually a hereditary trait passed in the female line. It is possible though that when this family option exists, fraternal twins may also choose to be born at the same time.
All children who lost a twin during pregnancy suffer from this even if they are never “told” But with identical twins the child has literally lost a soulmate before even being born. This can lead to lifelong loneliness and various types of mental-health issues. Elvis Pressley suffered deeply due to this experience.

Many parents have had terminations and hope that the child will forgive them.
Actually most Spirit Babies can and do forgive
-termination for health reasons of mother or child
-termination because the father was not the one the mother and /or child wanted
What Spirit Babies have a harder time with is
-termination for the inconvenience of pregnancy to the parents when they are already with an appropriate life partner, have sufficient funds, and for example, are planning a trip, so the pregnancy does not fit with plans. (But perhaps it fitted with the Spirit Baby’s plans, as they really wanted a chance to experience the place their parents are visiting…even if only in utero, in which they feel everything the mom is feeling.)

It is tempting to say that all the sleepless nights and diaper changes with a normal baby have a very real function. It is to create bonding between the helpless infant and the parents. The more one invests in a baby psychologically, the more the baby is likely to return one’s attentions with love, and in time, there may be pride in the child’s accomplishments even if the child has challenges.
I remember a novel by Pearl Buck in which a mother who had a severely challenged boy, who walked late and never talked, heard him say “mama” just once as he stumbled into her arms. And she knew that this meant, to her, as much as other children’s daily chatter meant to their mothers.
The important thing to keep in mind is that the Spirit Baby itself is free of any and all challenges. Some very astute parents are able to intuit that their challenged children are far more than they appear to others, and this is of course true.
Yet there are parents who want reassurance that their own future child’s body and mind will be free of flaw.
This can be a problem, because any spirit may choose as its own life task to be so challenged that it needs care throughout its life. Maybe it chose the challenges so that it could help its caregivers develop qualities of kindness, caring, compassion, unconditional love, and patience. To give a future child the message that their parental love is conditional…well, this could present a spiritual problem, could it not? It depends on the child’s life task, which it has chosen.
Karma is quite straightforward, just like the basic law of physics…for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. So if a child chooses to be challenged, it may have karmic reason for this (like not accepting its own challenged child in a previous lifetime.) This does not mean that it is being punished. It may be reaping what it has sowed, but it chooses how to do so in a particular lifetime.
Love is for our growth and our pruning, according to the poet Kahlil Gibran. He also said “seek not to direct the course of love, for love, if it finds you worthy, will direct your course.”
This is as true of parenthood as of romantic love…maybe even
more so

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