The Empathy of a Spirit Baby
A Spirit Baby is the soul of an unborn or not-yet conceived child. They choose their parents, often due to past life connections.Some are first-time incarnates. They choose their life task and challenges.

July 24th 2020 - The Empathy of a Spirit Baby
You are reading this as an adult.
Within you is the child who first learned to walk…the child who attended the first day of school. Within you is the child who first learned to read... the young person who experienced a first adolescent crush, a first kiss.
Within you is the young one who dreamed dreams of making a difference in the world... the person who first realized what they were good at (art, literature, auto mechanics, teaching, cooking ,being a good listener, etc.),. All of those inner selves will forever be a part of you. They help you empathize with others who have had similar (universal) experiences.
But all of us have lived many lives. Anyone can be regressed to other lives ...and very young children often spontaneously talk about their own past lives in what is misconstrued as ‘imaginary play”.)
The 8th chakra, which is above the level of the body, is our higher self. In that higher self is stored everything we have ever learned. This usually includes the awareness of a great many varied lifetimes (except for the Spirit Babies who are incarnating for the first time. More on that later).
If you have lived a number of male lifetimes, it is very likely that in some of them you were a soldier, as wars have been ubiquitous in the history of the human race. And so likely you either killed or were killed, and those traces do not just disappear. They may lead you to be a draft resister (like Cassius Clay, later Mohamed Ali, who although he was a prize fighter, drew the line at taking part in killing.)
If you have been female in a number of lives, chances are you have borne many children. Chances are also that once or more often you passed in childbirth, and that left scars which the possibility of motherhood brings to the surface. Maybe this subconscious awareness led you to midwifery or nursing or medicine.
If you have been black in many lifetimes, you may well have lived entire lifetimes as a slave. In fact slavery has been practiced in many cultures, from Ancient Rome to the present time. Perhaps this has led to a great need to fight injustice and racism in this lifetime.
What distinguishes Spirit Babies from those who are currently incarnate is that they are actually fully aware of all the lives they have lived. When they choose (usually) members of their own soul families to come to, they are basing this choice on bonds of love and unfinished business.
Imagine for a moment being in the situation of any Spirit Baby…knowing everything you had ever experienced, and also knowing the connection you had with anyone you were contemplating as your future parents.
It is true that sometimes the contract is made on the other side between parents, child, and sometimes siblings. This is possible even if some of the souls are incarnate, because the higher self …a part of the soul…always stays behind, and so is available to communicate with those on the other side. It is possible for a future couple and all their children to make a contract together. It is also possible for a Spirit Baby higher in the sequence to call in siblings who may not have a connection to the parents.
One of the reasons why children cannot always come to parents they have known before is that genocide has been around for a long time.
It is estimated that 50 to 100 million aboriginals lived in North America in pre-Colombian times, and only about 4 million people are of native background in North America now. So, most of those whose soul families were aboriginal (for thousands of years) will have to incarnate in a non-native family. The same applies to Jewish people, Australian aboriginals, and many other groups which have been decimated.
We are all members of the human race. Spirit Babies know this and fully empathize with the struggles which are always going on for justice in the world.
Spirit Babies know that they have already been both genders (and possibly GLBTQ2S), several “races”, different social classes, with different ability and disability levels. Spirit Babies know that those with challenges always have something to offer the more able members of society, and that children with extreme challenges usually choose them. So all this awareness enters into their choices.
They will usually choose parents who will help them to fulfill their life tasks.
The world as a whole has never been in such danger, so the ones who are most tasked with helping to save Mother Earth want parents who are spiritually aware.
The most spiritually inclined are so empathetic that they see the whole of Creation as one organic entity…with animals, plants, rivers, streams, sun, moon, stars...and humanity, as having a common purpose…with respect for each other, for biodiversity , for life, as central.
In 1915 the doctor and missionary Albert Schweitzer talked of reverence for life as his primary goal and belief.
“Ethics is nothing other than Reverence for Life. Reverence for Life affords me my fundamental principle of morality, namely, that good consists in maintaining, assisting and enhancing life, and to destroy, to harm or to hinder life is evil."
—?Albert Schweitzer

This empathetic awareness , now a century old, is something we can all use more of now as we work together to save our world from the greatest mass extinction since the time of the dinosaurs. The last white rhino died this year and it will be irreplaceable. Lions and giraffes are on the edge of extinction now.
Why does this matter? Well, Mother Nature…Gaia…as a living entity comprising all living things… worked for millions of years to allow millions of new species to come into being after the dinosaurs became extinct (when dust clouds after a meteoric strike caused a couple of years of almost no sunlight). The dinosaurs had ruled the earth for hundreds of millions of years.
The human race has only been around for an eye blink… about 150,000 years. Yet we have been actively poisoning our only home for about 150 years. No other species has ever worked so hard at mass suicide.
Spirit Babies know this. For some of them have been around since humans first understood time…and the concept that all of us will die, which led to storytelling, agriculture , myth-making ,song, dance, cave art, writing, having babies…because the individual human needed to feel that there would be a legacy left behind.
Most Spirit Babies remember many lifetimes. In most of those lifetimes there was daily access to nature, to waterfalls, to free creatures, to ocean or forest or even desert.
The Nile River, for example, flowed for thousands of years, inundating its banks every year with fresh fertile soil as it flooded, and allowing a profusion of fig trees and other delicious foods… there was nothing quite like it in the world. Thousands of farm families had lived for thousands of years along its banks.
Then came the Azwan Dam, a megalomaniac dream by a modern day ruler of Egypt, which destroyed in a very short time the natural rhythms and cycles which had sustained community and life along the banks of the Nile for aeons.
You cannot replace the view which your ancestors and their ancestors have always known, or the way of life so intricately bound up with a specific part of Nature .
This is something all aboriginal people, from the Celts to the Australian aboriginals (who understood that Dream Time is more real than what we live daily) have understood. They empathize fully with Nature as part of us, just as we are part of Her.
Spirit Babies empathize with the struggles of all living things to have a harmonious, balanced home. The ones who have difficulty coming in to stay are the most sensitive, the canaries in the coal mine, the tip of the iceberg. They are also the ones who need their parents to go on a spiritual journey so that they understand the great task we all have before us, to restore our planet before it is too late for us, the human race.
Spirit Babies know that floods and droughts and earthquakes, extreme weather events of all sorts, are aspects of suffering Nature. But Mother Earth will not die. No.
There is a science fiction book which is decades old, called Earth Abides. The premise of the book is simple…if humans died out completely, this would not mean that Earth would die. Not at all. We are the most destructive creature that ever walked the earth.
But Mother Earth will carry on without us, will heal over the scars. Certainly some of the damage will be irrevocable…the bleached- out coral reefs, the dynamited mountains, the dead zones covered with plastic waste in the oceans, the destroyed Nile River delta, the species hunted to extinction for their tusks. But Mother Earth will find a way to go on.
Spirit Babies empathize with Mother Nature and all her creatures. But they also would like to have us wake up before it is too late. And a surprisingly high number of them say that they are taking their time coming in because they want their parents to be very aware before they come. And secondly, that they themselves intend to become environmental warriors of one sort or another.
It is interesting that even young children, like David Suzuki’s daughter , Severn, are getting involved in making changes. In 1992, at age 12, Cullis-Suzuki raised money with members of ECO to attend the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. Along with several others, she presented environmental issues from a youth perspective at the summit, where she was applauded for a speech to the delegates.
And there is Malala, who was shot as a teenager-and survived-for her advocacy for the education of girls. These causes are linked, of course. Educated girls from developing countries on average have fewer, and healthier, children.
My two- year- old grandson found a mouse in the yard which the cat had killed. He said “The kitty killed the Mickey Mouse” and he cried for it. I buried the little creature and my grandson said,”The Mickey Mouse will wake up.” (Yes, animal spirits are reincarnated too. No one had to teach him this.)
Spirit Babies know the sum total of all that humans have learned...and failed to learn…on earth. This always informs their life purpose…and all young children still remember their life purpose and their spiritual nature, if we let them. They come ‘trailing clouds of glory” as William Blake said. And they are far more empathetic than many adults.
Let us learn from them.

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