The Seven Chakras and Spirit Babies
An explanation of how fertility can be enhanced by understanding the functions of the seven chakras9energy centers)and the healing properties of essential oils.

June 26th 2020 - Chapter Two: The Seven Chakras and Spirit Babies
There are seven energy centers - chakras - in the body:
Location Function Auric Color Essential Oil
Crown of Head Inspiration, connection to source White Frankincense
Third Eye (Middle of Forehead) Clarity, higher vision Violet Sandalwood
Throat Truth, ability to communicate Blue Lavender
Heart Unconditional love and healing Green Rose
Solar Plexus Faith, trusting my feelings Yellow Ginger
Sacral (Reproductive Organs) Creativity, playfulness Orange Jasmine
Root (Base of Spine) Trust, connection to mother earth Red Vetiver

All of them are directly involved in the most sacred of human activities , bringing a baby into the world.
This is the fight or flight chakra: the one which relates to feeling safe and secure in the world. It has a stabilizing influence, keeping us grounded in the earth plane, and its resources can be drawn upon in a time of perceived danger.
But our modern societies are very stressful and often filled with conflicting demands. If a woman feels under constant stress, the hypothalamus, a tiny almond-shaped organ in the brain, may choose to shut down ovulation or implantation, deciding on the woman’s behalf that she does not need the additional stress of pregnancy. Ironically, being told she is infertile is an extremely high stress event in a woman life, and can become a self- fulfilling prophecy.

This is technically the chakra most directly connected to sexual activity and to all creative activity, whether writing a novel, cooking, growing a garden or building a home. All aspects of child rearing are mediated by the sacral chakra, whether one is a parent, teacher, or coach.
Inability to conceive may be connected to a blockage in the sacral chakra due to either guilt or shame from any past circumstance which the mother has had. This can go all the way back to in- utero experiences.
All the eggs which a woman will ever have are in her body by the time she has a fetal age of 6 months. So negative messages from her own mother in utero may impact on her fertility. This can be helped by hypnosis for fertility, which addresses subconscious blockages.

Solar Plexus
This chakra mediates our feeling of personal power in the world. Literally it is our sun centre, out of which our own personal light shines (clear and yellow like the summer sun to those who can see aura colours) .
Often coules feel that it is either their destiny to be parents , or not ,and that the time for this is also predetermined. The truth is much more nuanced.
Becoming a parent is possibly the one area of life in which manifesting what you want becomes the most important. Communicating with your child before conception…which all parents can learn to do .can be enormously helpful in bringing about the desired outcome. A request from a Spirit Baby may be as simple as wanting the parents to live together in the same home before making a baby body. Or they may have a choice of name. Or they may be waiting for the right gender of body to appear. Or maybe they need Mommy to sing to them.
Spirit Babies do not control the making of the baby body, but they do choose whether to attach.
Generally they have a karmic connection to the chosen parent or parents, (which could be from a previous lifetime or even from this lifetime) and also they may have a contract with one or both parents.
(A common example of a this-lifetime connection is the return of a soul who passed too young, with incomplete karma, to his/her own sister as her child.)
Many Spirit Babies want to know whether parents who have previously terminated fetuses want them now. Parents should always realise that the messages (thoughts, feelings) which they (unconsciously) send to the Spirit Baby or Babies in their aura are constantly being received.
And this is mutual. We just have to pay attention. It is possible to still one’s mind in meditation for a few moments in front a of a candle, or to go for a walk and look for anything out of place, perhaps a bird or butterfly . Or the Spirit Baby can attach to a feather or a ladybug and call attention to its being here. It may use a song which catches the mother’s attention, or a dream visit.
You could try lucid dreaming (plan to wake during your dream, become aware that you are dreaming, but not wake up. Next change the course of your dream, for example… by flying in your dream. Third, plan to meet your baby in your dreamtime.)

Spirit babies generally reside in the mother’s heart chakra until conception. The mother’s heart chakra is greatly amplified in a woman over that of a man. This is because the breasts expand the heart centre energy outward like a fan.
Most Spirit Babies are found behind the mother’s left shoulder, as if peeking out from a safe hiding spot,as the chakra energy extends all around the body .

Opening the throat chakra (the centre of all types of communication) is a very powerful way for the mother to communicate love and safety to the baby. This is probably why most mothers sing lullabies, even unconsciously. The baby hears its mother’s voice throughout the pregnancy and this becomes associated with safety. So a mother singing will soothe a distressed baby sooner than anything else. But a mother can also sing to a baby who is not yet conceived.
It is possible that lullaby sounds (wordless at first)were the first human speech. It is possible that the word for mommy starts the same in all languages because when babies smack their lips in anticipation of the breast they naturally make a “mama” sound with their lips .
Third Eye
This centre mediates woman’s intuition, which all mothers, and many fathers , can access. It is the ability to know without evidence from the senses or learned knowledge, what is going on with the offspring, whether there is an unmet need, etc .
This sense begins even before conception , so that many women know they are pregnant before there is any medical evidence. It also allows parents, especially the mother, to receive psychic messages even before conception from their Spirit Baby using clairaudience (psychic hearing), clairvoyance (psychic or soul seeing) clairsentience(such as feeling that their child is in danger) or clair cognizance (such as knowing whether the unborn baby is male or female without medical evidence.)

Crown chakra
Future parents need to be aware of conscious conception. The next time you are able to make love, plan on assisting in the most important part of conception…the attachment of the spirit baby to the embryo.
When you have made love and the future mothers face is glowing with love, this creates a conception cradle above her head…a halo which indicates that the crown chakra(connection to spirit) is fully open. This will be a beacon welcoming the baby home …for the Spirit Baby enters the mothers body through the mother`s crown chakra.

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