The Age of Remembrance - The Divine I AM Presence in Selenite
Brand new book by Brother Francis E. Revels-Bey on Selenite

June 17th 2020 - Greetings to my Family of Spiritual Light , Unconditional Love & Divine Grace....

I have just completed my fourth book. It is not in any digital format...that is right, you can carry this book with you.
Everyone for the past five years have been intrigued with Gypsum, better known as SELENITE. I have been "told" by
my Spirit Guides to bring forth a book totally devoted to Selenite entitled....


The Divine I AM Presence in Selenite

Francis E. Revels-Bey

This channeled book is an extension of the spiritual wisdom connected directly to "The Wisdom Of Ahkenaten As I AM" and "The Gift - The Wisdom Of Nefertiti As I AM"
authored by Brother Francis E. Revels-Bey who was known as Amenaten when he was one of many who studied directly with them. This channeled book by Brother Francis E.Revels-Bey
brings forth his Seed of Remembrance within the Great Divine I AM Presence of Selenite as it is used in the Heart of Divine Source which is The Great Central Sun.

Kindly Note: I have written this book from my personal experiences, as well as, from my spiritual remembrance with its use by
Beloveds Ahkenaten & Nefertiti from within their ancient temple. It speaks directly to those who are ready to receive its high frequency
known as the Radiant Blue is the Liquid Light from the Heart of the GREAT CENTRAL SUN (also referred to as SIRIUS).

This special book now is listed live on Amazon and sells for ... $11.00!!! Use this link below

May you continue to be well in these times...Prosper Abundantly, Be safe and Rise with deliberate Happiness and even Better Health.

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