What Spirit Babies Can Teach us About Life Task
This article explains the concept that each of us arrives on this plane to fulfill a particular task. Parents are carefully chosen by the future child, and infertility is always a spiritual journey.

June 12th 2020 - Life Task
By Christine Nightingale

The sorts of questions which parents ask their Spirit Babies are puzzling. Very frequently their main concerns are
1.) When are you coming?
2.) What will you be, a boy or a girl?
3.) Why did you choose us as parents?

Using the five w’s of reporting, they rarely ask,
Who are you and where are you planning to make a contribution?

The first three questions only scratch the surface of what a life with your Spirit Baby may be expected to include, and they are usually very eager to tell you much more in depth about what their life purpose is.

So let’s get the obvious ones out of the way.
1.) A Spirit Baby will attach when you and an appropriate partner make a suitable body. This making of the body is not under the control of the Spirit Baby! It is their choice whether or not to attach to an available body. If the contract is with the mother only, they may not care who she is with. If the contract is with both parents, then yes, it matters very much.
So often a mother who is wracked with guilt about a previous termination will be told something like “you were not with the right daddy for me. Don’t feel bad about waiting until you were with the right daddy. I detached when I realised what you were planning. I always know your feelings and thoughts.”
2.) In our relatively enlightened times, it is surprising how many parents think that gender is of central importance. Spirit Babies for the most part do NOT care what gender body they attach to in a particular incarnation .They may want the challenge of being, for example, a trailblazing young woman who will be an engineer or a mountain climber (or even just literate, like Malala). It could be argued that Malala, the champion of education for girls, as a Spirit Baby HAD to have a female body to accomplish her life task.
3.) Many a Spirit Baby may welcome the extra challenge of encompassing a female body (we are in our spirit energy rather than the other way around) while they work on aspirations not usually associated with the female role. But life task rarely requires a particular gender…with a very few exceptions, such as a Spirit Baby wishing to have the chance to be a mother after many male incarnations.
(I am reminded of the wonderful science fiction book by Ursala K. Leguin, The Left Hand of Darkness, about a gender-bending form of humanity on another world. On this planet every adult could become at different parts in the life cycle, both male and female, and so some were both mothers and fathers in the same lifetime. When it was time for them to transition, they would become the opposite gender of the partner they were currently with, if there was one. The spiritual implications of such a situation are enormous.)
But in fact , all human souls who have lived on earth for centuries or millennia on earth have embodied both male and female, different races, different social classes. So a Spirit Baby rarely “needs” to be one gender or the other for a particular lifetime.
(The many brand new souls who are arriving on earth for the very first time-as human population has surged from 2 billion a century ago to 7 billion now...are usually willing to start anywhere.)
The gender of the baby body is determined by the sperm (x or y chromosome). 40% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. At least some of those were caused by a Spirit Baby who DID have a preference and was waiting for the right gender of body.( A Spirit Baby needs to attach by 7 weeks or the baby body runs out of energy to grow.) Such a Spirit Baby will normally state their preference when asked but will rarely be adamant about it.
3.) The answer to “Why did you choose us?” is almost always related to past life connections, sometimes referred to as karma. Karma works something like the basic law of physics…for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. If a soul has been your parent in another life, they may very well choose to be your child now. Souls in the same soul family of about 45-60 will very often choose to come to a soul they have known before …as a sister, a best friend, a lover…and now as a baby, because they wish to explore another way of loving the same spirit.
Seven years ago I received a message from my dearly loved auntie hours after her passing. It was crystal clear, her voice in my “mind’s ear” saying in her native language, ”Love is the only thing that matters.”
The distilled wisdom of 90 years of life!
But there is something else which I know about my Aunt Corrie. She expressed this belief in performing her life task.
You see, Aunt Corrie was a young woman in Holland during the Second World War. Of the four sisters, only one married (my mother, the youngest.) The others…well, with many thousands of young men from the Netherlands dying during the years of the Second World War, there was no one left for women now in their late twenties to early thirties to marry.
Auntie lived with her two older sisters in the house they had grown up in. She was the family breadwinner, working for her whole life in a home for delinquent boys, many of whose lives she turned around with tough love. The neighbourhood children loved her. So she found a way to express her love in her life work.
About a year after that Aunt Corrie brought another message...she would be returning as one of my grandchildren.
A year or so ago my son and daughter-in-law said their baby girl was using “ya” to say yes and “nee” to say no, without having been taught those Dutch words They said she must be the reincarnation of a Dutch person, So I told them about Aunt Corrie’s promise .
I am puzzled by how few parents are curious about what their child has come to do in this lifetime. For without a doubt every child comes “trailing clouds of glory”, in the immortal words of William Blake, the visionary poet. All young children show by their interests and even their words, what it is that they want to do with their lives.
It is not necessary to ask a young child “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Just look at their fantasy play…listen to them …Do they love animals? Building things? Drawing? Running about? Reading? Organizing other kids in some sort of activity? Giving gifts? Singing? Dancing? Finding bugs? Mothering dolls? Dressing them up? Playing games?
Another of my grandchildren said at age four,” Mommy, I was your mommy once.” My daughter-in-law was not surprised; I had already told her that.
When I was a kindergarten teacher a little girl told me, “Before when I was big and my daddy was little, he was my baby and he was in my tummy.”
Another little girl who had returned as her own great-grand-daughter said to me, “Can you help me with my buttons? Before when I was huge I knew how to do that, but now my little hands don’t remember how.”
A young man whose happiest childhood memory was colouring with crayons is now an artist. A man from an impoverished family whose best childhood times were spent with books becomes a teacher. A woman who wrote poems in elementary school writes for a living now. A young man who gave up his life dream of becoming an artist to fulfill his parent’s dream for him (of being an engineer) became too sick to work at all. Then he was encouraged to understand that his body was speaking to him about why he needed to be alive and healthy. (When he embraced his dream, his pain was no longer needed and fell away. His first painting hangs in my front hall.)

It is of course the task of any parent to encourage their children to fulfill the destiny which they were born to. It is a sacred trust, and undoubtedly a large part of why the parents will be receiving this wondrous gift of a child to raise. All children show signs of what they love in their earliest interests….Exposing them to a variety of interests is important,
but even more important is paying attention to what interests them!

Meanwhile, infertility has gone from 6% of couples a generation ago to 17% now, which should be front page news. I believe that the Spirit Babies who are having difficulty coming in are the canaries in the coal mine …the ones who are most sensitive, therefore most impacted by the degradation of our Mother Earth. They are the ones who most earnestly wish to solve the problems which human hubris have caused before it is too late for human life on our planet.

Infertility is ALWAYS the beginning of a spiritual journey…which many parents would never have embarked upon if they had not had difficulty with making a baby.

There is a moving passage in Ann Michaels’ book The Winter Vault in which a pregnant woman converses with the daughter she is carrying, telling her all that is in her heart. I believe that most mothers understand that their words, and especially thoughts, feelings and singing, are truly understood by the child in a mysterious, spiritual way.

Virtually all mothers can get also answers to their questions in hypnotic trance. Not in complicated language…for the Spirit Baby speaking to its mother almost invariably chooses the role of baby. Still they can answer in simple ways, sending an image of a pink baby blanket to indicate that they are healthy and female. Or a little boy running towards the mother in a field of flowers to indicate that they are healthy and male. Or a beautiful white feather floating into the mother’s hands in “real time’. Or a butterfly appearing at the same moment to a mother at home and a father who is miles out at sea.
In the mysterious way that we as humans work…always appreciating more what comes to us with difficulty…I believe that many wise Spirit Babies make sure their parents are aware of how very precious it is to have a child (or more than one) to raise to become their own true self, with the loving guidance of the very parents it chose before coming to this plane.
It takes a huge leap of faith to leave the other side (where all is love and light) to come to a place where there is pain and sorrow, and death is inevitable .But the love which conscious parents can offer…even before conception! ...makes it all worthwhile.
This is the first Chapter of Spirit Baby Two, by Christine Nightingale, available from Amazon

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