Meet James Hyman Founder of Deep Emotional Release Bodywork and Quantum-Theta Healing
James Hyman shares his philosophy and the basis of his work.

October 19th 2018 - I’ve been on a personal path of shamanic exploration for 40 years. Two pivotal things happened to me as a young man. A year in Spain, delving into the work of Carlos Castanedas, while studying Flamenco guitar with Gypsies, and a back injury. I started working as a practitioner rather than explorer of consciousness, due to this personal injury which I decided to heal myself, which led me to studying bodywork, and ultimately discovering the Deep Emotional Release Bodywork. This work suited me most, since it allowed me the opportunity to work with other people at the same depth that I was comfortable with working with myself in terms of the awakening of consciousness, in order to create transformation and healing.

As the years went by, I kept studying and adding new systems of healing into my professional practice to round out some missing aspects. The Deep Emotional Release brings about personal empowerment, other aspects of the work help to balance all of the energy fields in and around the body, that relate to the chakras, the Qi, the subconscious mind, the conscious mind, and the Quantum-Theta Field, which is the way in which we’re all connected.

I literally arrived at where I am one day at a time. The true nature of this work is to heal the human delusion and the ego’s projection, which is based upon fear and a sense of limitation. The healing of the ego at this level, is truly about stepping into our already unconditional Awakened Self, primordial, and self-liberating. When we can heal our physical pain, we can then bring our awareness and perception to rest comfortably in the present moment of life, and we can begin to heal the schism between the Little Self-Big Self-Self-Higher Self.

If I choose to, I could look at specific events and call them struggles, but it was just life happening as life happens.

In theory, the end result of DERB and Quantum-Theta Healing is to clear the way for people to give them peace and help them engineer their own Self-Realization. That is the nature of this work. As Ram Das said, it’s all just grist for the mill.

Deep Emotional Release Bodywork is my own work that I’ve developed. It’s specialized and designed to assist people emotionally to release blocks, traumas, belief structures, by releasing them from the body, the chakras, and the subconscious mind simultaneously. This creates an immediate and lasting result. This work is unique in allowing people to immediately and quickly close chapters of their life that need to be closed, and connect on a profound level with their personal empowerment, and what they came here to do in this lifetime. It helps connect people with their shamanic vision, and help them feel their empowerment to move forward toward it. It’s giving people the sense that they’ve been trained for the mission of their life. It’s very important for these times. In this world, you have to keep looking for the light, which is everywhere, but you need to pay attention. There’s nothing to attain, but one has to stay constantly vigilant of the Present Moment. The Now.

What is “success” or “successful” for you?

My definition of success is very different today than it was 10 years ago, as I let go of the need to be anybody in particular. Today the experience of success is equivalent to the experience of peace. that I’m a witness to on a daily basis. Taking full responsibility for the aspects of life that show up that are challenging and the process is to keep reminding myself that all the noise and disturbance, in reality is in my mind. If I sincerely pay attention to the present moment, and my mind is quiet, reality just presents itself as another beautiful day. Everything else is my mind processing “the world according to me”. And this is the human condition.

We all live within the domain of a story that we began to create for ourselves at the age of 2 or 3. When the word I became our principle awareness in relationship to all that there is out there. Ultimately, this work is about returning to the I-ness.

Historically, my idea of success had much to do with the external appearance of things and accomplishments. My idea of success today is more identified with authentically recognizing how well I am taken care of today and is again, the streaming of consciousness in the now that is the manifestation. The recognition of how abundant my life is today, I have a modern car, a nice place to live, friends, hobbies, time to meditation, freedom to express my creativity and the great fortune of this work and the people who come to experience it as part of their process. I am most grateful. The criteria, the marker is inner peace, and fully participating with your life. Not in denial of your flaws or imperfections, but using them as a marker for your future growth, not the mind’s interpretation.

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