Mobile Posture
Expanded concept of posture from the teachings of Moshe Feldenkrais

July 21st 2018 - What is Mobile Posture?
“Don’t slump. Pull your shoulders back!” When you were a child how many times did some adult with terrible posture shout that at you? Stand up and try that. Put your shoulders back without changing anything else. It feels uncomfortable and looks weird, doesn’t it. If your head and upper body are still pitched forward and your belly is sucked in, you will feel unbalanced and in fear of falling. That’s a real fear because in the US someone dies of a fall every 20 minutes. Many elderly people become so bent over that they rely on a walker to support an upper body that has lost 6 inches in height.
What’s the solution? Concentrate on repositioning your pelvis, the foundation of your skeleton and your center of gravity. Mobilize your hip joints. Do not tuck your pelvis under. Align the top of your pelvis with your hip joints and then stack your shoulders and head over it. ESTABLISH A STRAIGHT LINE GOING THROUGH YOUR EAR, SHOULDER, HIP JOINT AND ANKLE AND SOFTEN YOUR KNEES AND HIPS WITH A SLIGHT BEND. You may be off and running like the formerly stooped 88-year-old man who literally ran out of my Feldenkrais/Brain Body Fitness Class last week to catch up with his wife. He surprised us all.
Suze Angel, M.A., Certified Feldenkrais Movement Therapist

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