Frankie Burget Named 2016 Occupational Therapist of the Year
ADVANCE for Occupational Therapy Practitioners recognizes Frankie Burget at 2016 Occupational Theapist of the Year

September 16th 2016 - Bedford, TX September 15, 2016 - Frankie Burget, Licensed Occupational Therapist, owner of Windsong Therapy and Wellness, Inc. in Bedford and developer of Fascial Integrative Therapy™, not only treats humans but uses her skills to treat animals and help educate other aspiring therapists. She has a very diverse patient population including a large number of babies with a wide variety of issues ranging from tongue tie to flat head or torticollis. She often works early mornings and late nights to help people and animals who come to her from all over the world.

Burget developed the system of specialized techniques that address the physical, mental and emotional aspects of dysfunction which she called Fascial Integrative Therapy™. She was the first Occupational Therapist granted the title of Diplomate from the College of Veterinary Medicine of the American College of Veterinary Medicine. For these and her other contributions to the field of Occupational Therapy, the devoted care she gives her patients and the way she listens to her patients, Ms. Burget earned the recognition of 2016 Occupational Therapist of the Year from ADVANCE for Occupational Therapy Practitioners.

“I am humbled,” Burget said. “I am not often at a loss for words but I am just so honored by this recognition, I don’t know what to say. I am grateful for the kind words of my patients who shared their experiences with ADVANCE and have been helped by Fascial Integrative Therapy™.”

“So many people do not understand the wide array of issues Occupational Therapy can address”, she said. “I think the fact that I look at the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of each patient and treat each as an individual helped me be recognized as OT of the Year. The Dali Lama said Western women will change the world. I am happy to do my part because I believe that treating patients but especially babies as soon as possible after an issue is detected gives them a chance for a healthier life and healthy children will change the world.”

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