Bee, Thee & Me and What the Flowers Spoke
Learning about how the bees bring forth and connect life so that we may have food.

August 29th 2016 - Bees, what wonderful bee ings!

I have always had a fascination with bees and wanted to have a closer relationship with bees and to taste of their work. I finally arrived at a place and time in my life that would allow me to have beehives and develop a relationship with the bees, the land, the plants and the beings all around.

I had moved from the land of maple syrup a while ago and wanted to accomplish several things: have a local sweetener, help my orchard and garden, and learn the mysteries of the bees; so I flew into the world of the bee. I read just about everything that I could get my hands on from the basic beekeeping for dummies to the esoteric works of Rudolf Steiner to the fantasy driven Shamanic Way of the Bee and joined the local beekeeping society to learn from the old and new timers in Olympia, WA.

After all of this, there still seemed to be something missing. The bees were still a mystery to me. It all seemed a bit too mental. I decided to have a talk with the bees in my hives, to learn from their bee ing. But when I introduced myself and sought conversation or at least acknowledgement by the bees, they did not respond. At first I was a bit surprised, but after a little reflection, duh, they are busy as bees. They had no time to talk with me.

The Carnolian bees that inhabit the hives in my pasture are a beautiful golden. They appear soft, almost ephemeral. I could feel them, but could not understand them. I sought guidance from a wise being about how to learn about the bees and was told, “Ask the flowers.”

I went into the orchard and asked the cherry flowers about the bees. Immediately an image full of sun energy appeared with the bees bringing this to the trees and flowers. This sun energy is the fire, the connection that brings things together for growth, for pollination, for love. The bees bring forth love.

A second image appeared of bringing the energy from the flowers to the bees. In a sense enabling the flowers to move around. The bees are creating connection of the flowers to the world around. It appeared like a web, but it was showing more the paths the flow ers had ‘walked’.

Came back a few minutes later and checked in again and saw and felt that the bees create this web of connection. They are connecting everything around them. It is like they are the ones building community through their actions of touching all. The bees bring their love, the sun, and fire energy of the plants to all that is.
The bee carries into the hive what lives in the flower. This brings about this immense feeling that is transformed and clarified into the energy of love.

The bees give honey to us. Honey is energetic. Honey is a substance that combines the pollination of all things. It brings us all together, allowing a life force to take place within us that connects us to the rest of life.

The bee receives its sustenance from the parts of a plant that exude the plant's love life. The bee sucks its nourishment, which it makes into honey, from the parts of a plant that are designed for the love life. And the bee, if you could express it this way, brings love life.
The whole beehive is permeated with life based on love. The worker bee by the act of celibacy renounces the physical act of love. This love that is held develops within and is amplified by the entire beehive.

This was expressed one day as I sit with a client and listen to the gods and the sadness in a woman’s heart that had lost loves and a child before birth. I am told that she needs to find local honey and place a dab on her heart area and massage it in every day for at least one week, preferably 2. She had just purchased a large jar of local honey the past week.

She also needs to take this honey from her heart and breathe it down into her abdomen to feed an emptiness that is also taking up too much space.

Bees bring the community of life forth, allowing the bees to be truly not about the individual but submerged, truly a greater part of all that is around. Next time that you have a moment and you walk through your day and come upon a flower that the bees are busy at work with, ask the flower about the bees and see what stories you learn of life and love and community.

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