Dogma Day Dawns
A true story about when we start to live with rules rather than awareness.

August 29th 2016 - Dogma Day Dawns
by Peter Brown

Based on a true life experience pilgrimaging to sacred sites.

Dogma had not dawned, once upon a time. The world was so apparently alive that no creature on earth could fathom dogma. A way of living based on a belief and action that the world was static and frozen for only the few to understand, removed from the here and now - What a funny concept in a time before concept.

One day a group of pilgrims who were seeking gifts for themselves, their people, the creatures, and land awoke from their slumber after many days of stormy discussion between the Gods. The discussion had brought great physical destruction to their land where they prayed, had their home fire, prepared the sacred offerings and journeyed to sacred sites. The pilgrims wondered what to do. This land was no longer accessible.

To many of the people who lived near these great beings, there was destruction and changes taking place that they did not understand. Roads were crumbling. Houses were washing away. Rivers were making new paths to Grandmother Ocean.

The elders in the community knew these beings were talking about great changes taking place and that they, the pilgrims, should not introduce themselves into this conversation. The pilgrims needed to rest and listen and let the gods finish, or possibly be destroyed.
The elders knew that they had to find a new path to the sacred mountain to place their offerings, prayers and requests. This meant that they would not be walking by a spring from which they drew the sacred waters to bless themselves and to bring home for ceremonies.

For many, many years the pilgrims had stayed in the same place, eaten the same food, walked the same paths, and approached the Gods in the same manner. The pilgrims had grown comfortable in their relationship to the Gods. They had become comfortable with how they believed things had always been and that they believe would always be. But the Gods had been talking and had brought not just a new physical order, but also an adjustment to the realms that we live in.

The Pilgrims were unsure. The elder shaman said, “The world is alive, and we need to be listening. We have been given the forms to make offerings and ask for blessings from the Gods, but these are forms, not answers and not life.”

The day dawned to bring their offerings to one of the Gods. The pilgrims walked a new path, because the other God had destroyed the trodden route to reach the God that lived on the mountain. One of the pilgrims said, “But we will not pass the spring to receive our blessings to take the sacred waters home with us for our work, for our people. We need to go the other way. We need to go back. We need to get the waters from this sacred spring. This is the spring that blesses and helps us.”

The pilgrims walked by many springs bursting forth to the surface, but they all said no this water is not of the water that blesses and heals. We must return to the one true source.

Concern, worry and grumblings came forth. Doubt. This is not what we have learned. “This is not of the sacred source” was heard as they clung to their forms.

The pilgrims had leaned the form. The pilgrims had followed the form. The pilgrims had embraced the form. The form had become their expression for living.

The pilgrims were not listening. Dogma day dawned.

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