Home Staging Tips
Showcasing or Staging a home is a great way to create a positive experience for incoming buyers. A home that is staged sells faster and has a higher sale value.

April 27th 2016 - Showcasing or Staging a home is a great way to create a positive experience
for incoming buyers. A home that is staged sells faster and has a higher sale value.

Here are some easy tips to review while preparing your home for sale:

Curb Appeal: Opportunity #1
Clean up landscaping, any weeds, debris.
Wash off any mold, cob webs, etc.
Invest in a brand new impressive mailbox.
Keep the garage closed.-Repair anything broken.

The Front Door: Opportunity #2

Paint or polish the door if it does not absolutely sparkle.
Invest in new Door Décor: hinges, knobs, kickplate
Make sure the bell is in working order.
Have a gorgeous Welcome Mat - Don’t wear out your Welcome”
Check for any squeaks, creaks, or stuck doors

If you are unable to move forward, consider a professional organizer.
They can assist with firm and loving support. Remember, clutter is considered “unfulfilled dreams”.

Pack up all collections, personal photographs, and ethnic or religious icons.
Buyers want to be able to visualize the home as theirs, not feel like they are visitng you.

Box and label in an organized manner. Rent a storage space if possible.
Not only does packing help organize the house, but sets up the intention of selling and moving out.

Hire a professional cleaning team to come through, once you have the house

Smell and Scents
Ask a friend, be open to hearing any “bad news”. Even the most beautiful home will turn away a buyer if
there is a bad "scent" experience. Scent of one of our most powerful sensory tools.

Paint and Prepare:
Fresh paint, using a neutral unified them. Add a pop of color to pull out a great accent wall, or to create intentional drama. Faux painting and applying some Feng Shui elements are a great way to make your house stand out. But keep it clean, bright and simple. Remember that each room has One focal point, not 5 or 5...

Showcase and Shine:

Walk through and review each room individually and see what that room needs to allow it to shine.
Make a list. You can often work with what you have at on hand, perhaps moving furniture and artwork around in a new and unique way. When I consult with a seller,I like to take photos of the current home
and give that to the client with a "to do" list next to each room... Taking things room by room makes the process a bit more manageable.

Remove Excess:
Too much furniture is a detriment, even if it is beautiful. Remove excess house plants. Keep some healthy potted trees/ ferns, flowers in beautiful pots. But avoid having a "rainforest" in the house.

Light it up!
Open curtains, blinds. Check for any bulbs or lamps that are not working. Use beautiful lamps for display. Have the front entry area very well lit.
No one likes to feel that a space is "dark", it then appears that things are hidden and leave a feeling of negativity overall.

The Power of Sound: Music

Keep soft music playing on all floors. It will energize the house as well as the buyers.
Just remember that sound can be very personal, so choose a very neutral music theme, soft tones
and volume. Wind chimes also add a nice essence of positive sound into the experience.

Leave when the buyers arrive, remove pets if possible as well.

Look to the Future !

Prepare your plans for your new home. Plan your decorating, colors, etc.
Keeping an eye on the future will allow a faster release of the past.

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