May 2016 Astrology Forecasts
Find out what the Stars have in store for your Sun Sign during May, 2016

April 24th 2016 - May 2016
ARIES Now is the time to get your finances in order! On the 6th the New Moon in your money sector is pleasantly aligned with Pluto, the wealthiest of the gods in mythology. Do take advantage of these auspicious cosmic rays. If a raise has been long overdue, ask for it. If you’ve had it with the place, seek new employment. Other companies will offer to pay more for your abilities. The Full Moon on the 21st is closely aligned with your ruling planet Mars, the god of war. Try to keep your temper under control especially when traveling. This is not the time to see if you can make the light before it turns red. You won’t and may wind up with a ticket. Jupiter turning direct on the 9th presents many opportunities for you to improve your fitness regime or get started on one. An increase in harmony can be attained with fellow workers on the job too. Now is a good time to implement new methods at work. All will want to join in to improve the company’s performance.

TAURUS The New Moon in Taurus on the 6th lights a path for you to travel in a new direction with your life. Obstacles which were hindering you from going forward, now fall by the wayside. Pluto, the planet of regeneration and rebirth is trine the Moon. This gives you almost superhuman abilities and tenacity to keep going and succeed. Others will be attracted to you like flies to honey thru the 23rd. Venus, the Love planet will dance thru your sign forming positive aspects. Single Bulls should go out and meet people or join an online dating site. Others will effortlessly fall under your alluring magnetic spell. The Full Moon on the 21st highlights joint finances. Since Mars is thrown into the mix, there can be some potential heated disagreements over handling joint funds. Do try to straighten out these matters before, not after.

GEMINI Most of May will find you working more behind the scenes. Go over all loose ends. Your biggest challenge may be in letting go of a situation or person, who is no longer beneficial for your development. When the Sun enters your sign on the 20th, you’ll be glad you did. Jupiter turning direct on the 9th offers opportunities for you to mend fences with family members. There will be a return of mutual support to one another. If you’re in the market to buy or sell property, very lucrative deals can be reached. The Full Moon on the 21st illuminates your relationship sector. There are important lessons to learn concerning compromise and negotiation in all important partnership situations. Since Mars is prominent, keep your cool and try to listen to other’s views. Using the energy in a constructive way can clear the air and save the relationship.

CANCER Matters having to do with friends and associates will be in the spotlight for you the whole month. With Mercury retrograde until the 22nd, expect to find out who your friends really are. Better to have it revealed than to have a supposed ally turn on you in the future, when you’re counting on their support. You’ll also discover those who you should establish closer ties with. The New Moon on the 6th can have you rubbing elbows with the rich and famous. Life altering professional and personal alliances can be made easily. Your networking skills should be employed to the max for career advancement. Follow up promptly with all leads. If you’re looking for love, it will be found in group settings this month. So don’t turn down any invitations to large social affairs. Instead seek them out. Getting involved with the upcoming presidential election is a good way too of possibly meeting the love of your life. Shamelessly ask friends to fix you up. For once they might actually have the right person for you to meet.

LEO With Mars retrograde you may have been second guessing your inherit creative abilities. Don’t fall into the trap of seeking immediate approval from others. If you do, you will stifle the flow. Lions with children may find this an exceptionally testy time in trying to deal with them. The more you roar, the more they revolt. Best to use some reverse psychology and they’ll be better behaved. Your career sector is lit up on the 6th by the New Moon. Self-employed Lions will benefit from new forms of advertising and seeking out ways to get positive publicity. With Pluto forming an aspect of rebirth, you can implement new systems on the job which can benefit the whole company. With a strong stress aspect between Jupiter and Neptune in your money sectors, you must be extremely careful in all financial dealings. Even the most street-smart Lions can fall prey to scams.

VIRGO Pack your bags for an exotic locale, if you’re looking for love. The love planet, Venus, will be dancing thru your travel sector thru the 23 rd. The New Moon on the 6th adds to the amorous energies, turning long distance journeys into romantic adventures. Those Virgos who are already in a committed relationship should consider planning a second honeymoon and reconnect with their beloved. May is not the best time to be tackling home improvements or additions. Work done now runs the risk of either being shabby or has to be redone. Those wanting to put their homes on the market would do better waiting until June when Mars goes direct. Until then people who are representing your property may not be the best or have your interests at heart. The Good Luck planet Jupiter goes direct on the 9th. Promises made to you since January will finally start to see the light. Now is your time to start going full steam ahead to attain all goals you have which had to be put on hold.

LIBRA Partnership interaction will be highlighted by the New Moon on the 6th. If you’ve felt that you’ve been slowly drifting apart emotionally, Venus will come to the rescue. This planetary mix will help your partner open up and share their most intimate feelings with you. Joint financial matters should be given a second look over too. Shared creative ideas can help resolve or lessen outstanding debts. Experiencing any problems with your car? Get it looked at pronto. What might be a small repair expense can escalate into a big expense, if not tended to under Mars retrograde. Also, put off buying a new auto until he goes direct next month. If you get one now, you will buy the proverbial lemon of your life. Jupiter turning direct on the 9th will endow you with a greater understanding of others subconscious motivations. This can be utilized for your benefit in all dealings and negotiations both personal and professional.

SCORPIO The New Moon on the 6th blesses unattached Scorpios with multiple opportunities to meet potential new love interests. Those who are already in an established relationship can strengthen their existing bonds and grow closer. If you’re in the market to increase business cliental, the Moon’s rays will draw the right customers to you too. Do take care with personal finances and possessions. With Mars retrograde in your money sector, conflicts can pop-up over money management, investments, and earnings. This is not the time to start a new financial plan of action. Investments made now can prove to be costly impulsive gambles that don’t pay off in the future. Jupiter going direct in your friendship sector on the 9th should stimulate your social life. Promises made to you from friends and associates in the past, will finally be fulfilled by them. Get out and do some networking. Others will gladly want to be of assistance in helping you reach your goals.

SAGITTARIUS On the hunt for a new job? Count your lucky stars with the New Moon on the 6th. Employers will be vying to hire you. With Venus, the planet who rules money, and Pluto, who rules great wealth, thrown into the mix, you won’t have to settle for a low paying position. Shoot for the stars. Your aim will be on target. Jupiter your ruling planet goes direct on the 9th in your sector governing status and career. Lucky Sagittarians will start to receive rave reviews for their work. If you’re self-employed, you should see your business accounts start to sky rocket. Do continue to take care with Mars still retro in your first house. Archers who run around like the Mad Hatter playing catch-up can tend to be accident prone. Also try counting to 100, not 10, if you’re about to lose your temper. You might think nothing of a heated exchange, but the other person will not forget so easily.

CAPRICORN Caution can sometimes be Capricorn’s middle name. The New Moon on the 6th though might embolden you to take a risky gamble on matters of the heart. Both Venus and Pluto send auspicious energies in your direction to be a winner in the game of love. Remember that nothing ventured is nothing gained. With the Good Luck Planet in your travel sector, the last place you should be is sitting home. On the 9th Jupiter turns direct and the urge to travel will be overwhelming. Surrender to the yearning to see distant lands. You will be rewarded with blessings of good dharma throughout your journey. With Mars retrograde, you’ve been forced to navigate thru some very devious waters. Wolves can be disguised in sheep’s clothing now. Keep all confidential matters to yourself. Confidences shared can be broadcast in the future by unscrupulous people.

AQUARIUS Home and family are spotlighted with the New Moon on the 6th. The right Feng Shui touches incorporated now can turn your home into a nurturing haven. Allow your creative inspiration to take flight and express your intimate self in décor and furnishings. Plan a family get-together to heal old wounds. When Jupiter turns direct on the 9th, proceed with applying for the loan or mortgage you’ve been desiring. You’ll have the Planet of Good Luck smiling in your sector ruling loans, financial settlements, and joint finances. Both business and marriage partners now will be more agreeable in decisions concerning money management. Jupiter here is fantastic for lottery wins too. If you’ve felt out in left field where your friends are concerned, don’t worry about it. They haven’t forgotten about you. They’ve just been busy. Try not to get undone or be overly sensitive to the lack of attention. With Mars retrograde you can wind up hurting friendships if you come across as demanding.

PISCES The love lines with your beloved will improve with the New Moon on the 6th. A greater openness of intimacy can be easily established. Unattached fishes won’t have to swim far and wide to find love. It can be found practically in your own backyard. You may be tempted to sign on the dotted line for a “once in a lifetime deal”, but don’t. Mercury is retrograde in your sector ruling contacts and agreements. If you wait until he goes direct on the 22nd, you’ll either get a better offer or see holes in the one presented to you originally. With Mars retrograde in your career sector, you probably feel like you’ve been taking one step forward but two steps back. Projects now require a great deal of additional work and revision. It is essential though for you to keep cool at all times. This is not the best time to be seeking or starting a new job. You’ll be jumping from the frying pan into the fire if you switch employment or positions.

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