Discover what the stars have in store for you in April 2016

April 24th 2016 - Monthly Forecast

April 2016
Feeling a bit behind the eight ball in the love department? Venus, the goddess of love, enters Aries on the 5th. Others will find you simply irresistible thru the 29th. Wear your good luck color red and enjoy all the action out there.
Since Venus holds the purse strings too, there can be a pleasant turn around with your finances. However, don’t fall prey to temptation and go on wild spending sprees.

The New Moon on the 7th stirs up strong feelings of independence. Uranus conjunct the Moon supports your revolutionary ideas. Now you can dramatically proceed in a new life direction.

Mars, your ruling planet goes retrograde on the 17th and will be spinning backwards until June 29th. Travel plans may experience many revisions and delays. Higher educational pursuits should be submitted before the retrograde motion. Also, prophetic dreams now can hold some very potent advice.

The new Moon on the 7th may require you to spend a great deal of time working behind the scenes. See this as a golden opportunity to get things right. The Full Moon on the 22nd will reveal why it was best you waited.

Are you in the process of trying to reach a resolution concerning joint financial matters? If so, do it before the 17th. Mars will go retro in your sector ruling joint finances, taxes, and pension funds. Trying to forge a favorable settlement will be near impossible after then. Otherwise you will have to wait until June 29th for Mars to go direct.

Someone from your past can resurface. Jupiter, the planet of good luck, is retro in your sector ruling love. This can turn out to be an intoxicating second chance for romance.

Your networking skills will amaze others in April. Expand your involvement in different forms of social media. An incredible lucky break can come from one of your new contacts.

Now is the time to get necessary repairs and renovations performed on your home. If you have your home up on the market, Jupiter comes to the rescue. Potential buyers from the past return willing to negotiate with a more favorable offer.

Fiery tempers can easily be ignited by Mars from the 17th onward. Co-operation should be your keyword. Unless you want important relationships to end, tone down all aggressive behavior. Try to handle sensitive situations with kid gloves, or you’ll find yourself at costly cross purposes with others.

Throughout April multiple opportunities present themselves for you to take dramatic leaps in career. You’ll find your skills in high demand. However, advancement will strongly depend upon you exhibiting effective leadership abilities.

When Mars goes retro on the 17th, you may find some of your discarded unfinished projects from the past, if retooled and spiffed up, can lead to much success. Not the best time to be hiring workers. They can prove to be incompetent. Whatever they do, will have to redone in the future.

Stop putting off taking a vacation. The good luck planet can get you the best rates. Ask nicely at the check-in counter and Jupiter may surprise you with an upgraded room.

The New Moon on the 7th fills you with an overpowering desire to take off for parts unknown. An exceptional travel opportunity may appear unexpectedly in April and might be too tempting to turn down. Since the love planet Venus is in your travel sector, trips can turn into romantic escapades. But do make all arrangements before Mercury goes retrograde on the 28th.

Possible new investments and ways to increase your income should be given a fresh look. With Jupiter retro in your money sector, you’re given a second chance at some very lucrative financial prospects. Before you were unable to clearly see their potential. Now you’ll be able to see their possibilities with greater clarity.

Demands of your personal life will become more apparent with the Full Moon on the 22nd. Have you been guilty of concentrating only on career and neglecting home and family? If the answer is yes, a delicate balance will have to be found. Otherwise you run the risk of alienating those close to you. Much needed but ignored home repairs, may pop-up unexpectedly too.

Have you been experiencing road blocks in getting a good deal with a loan, mortgage, or home refinance? If so, the New Moon on the 7th, can turn things around in your favor. It might take some investigating on your part, but better rates and fees can be found. Joint finances can be handled very effectively at this time too. Settlements can be reached which can be mutually beneficial. If you have wanted to incorporate a business, it is favorable to proceed now.

Mars goes retro in your home, family, and inner self sector thru June 29. Try not to become so thin skinned and dictatorial that it’s impossible for others to be around you. To maintain peace and balance consider the needs and feelings of family members before your own.

Jupiter, the official Good Luck planet of the zodiac, is in Virgo. You’ve read this is supposed to be your lucky time. Only problem is, you’ve been wondering, where is it? May seem like all you’ve been getting are promises, promises, but nothing materializes. Don’t despair. You haven’t been overlooked or forgotten. Promises or offers made now will bloom into fruition when he goes direct next month.

Close inter-personal relationships take center stage in your life due to the New Moon on the 7th. Venus and Uranus add just the right amount of sugar and spice to the mix. A new love interest can appear when you least expect it. If you are already involved, this is a great time to improve your relationship.

Loose lips can spell trouble for you, if care isn’t taken when Mars goes retro on the 17th. You greatest challenge until June 29th will be to think before speaking, emailing, and texting. Ask yourself what the outcome will be, if you send messages in a fit of anger. Things conveyed now, will be almost impossible to retract.

The Full Moon on the 22nd highlights your financial sectors. Try not to make major money decisions. You won’t be seeing things logically. There may be a lot of emotional issues going on under the surface with them. Major purchases delayed now, can be found cheaper in a couple of weeks.

Taking care of business should be your priority from the 7th. Uranus will zap you with innovative ideas on how to revolutionize the way work is being performed at your job. It may require a strong sales pitch to superiors, but don’t despair. Even if they don’t buy the whole package, they are still going to be impressed with your ingenuity and concern.

Your feelings will be demanding attention with the Full Moon on the 22nd. Don’t blame others, if you’re not getting your fair share of emotional support. Your tendency for being so secretive, has come back to bite you. Open-up and let others into your private world.

When Mars goes retro on the 28th in your sector ruling finances, don’t give in to the temptation to act like the last of the big time spenders. Money may feel like it’s burning a hole in your pocket. Impulsive expenditures can do in your hard earned credit rating. Avoid impetuous investments. They will prove themselves to be reckless and costly.

The New Moon on the 7th casts her rays on your love sector. Others will be drawn to you like flies to honey. Don’t sit home. Let the world know it’s been missing something, you. Archers involved in the arts should also be getting some long overdue attention for their creative talents.

Your aim maybe off when Mars goes retro on the 17th. Curb your natural impulse to shoot for desired targets too impulsively. Rash acts and remarks can boomerang. Strive not to be too forceful in having your way. Instead of being seen as a leader, you will come across as an aggressor.

You may have felt that the brakes have been applied to career advancement. Don’t be discouraged. Jupiter has been retro in this sector. Things will right themselves next month and your talents will be in the spotlight again. If you’re in the market for a new job, delay applying, accepting, or starting a new one until Jupiter goes direct in May.

Family and home responsibilities come to the forefront with the New Moon on the 7th. Yes, you have been very preoccupied with career matters. But unless you focus now on family members’ feelings, they’ll just see you as an uncaring old goat. Take some time off to make impromptu memories with those close to you.

Strive to be aboveboard in all dealings and avoid being sucked into intrigues when Mars goes retro on the 17th. You run the risk of being setup by unscrupulous people. Few are born with your strong sense of direction and inner purpose. So why are you doubting it? Seek projects to do alone and behind the scenes to find a renewed sense of balance.

You might want to take advantage of the Planet of Good Luck in your travel and education sector. Stop delaying your return to furthering your education. A course viewed as almost impossible to pass, may prove to be a breeze. Also, you luck out with getting the best travel deals now.

The planetary lineup plus the New Moon on the 7th will grace you with immense sales ability. You will practically be able to sell anyone anything now. Handle all public relations, advertise, and shamelessly promote yourself.

A testing time awaits you when Mars reverses directions on the 17th. You will be placed in situations thru June 29th, where it will be revealed who your friends really are. Do try to avoid disputes and keep from involving yourself in competitive situations with others.

Your career sector gets lit up like a pinball machine by the Full Moon on the 22nd. Your skills will be in high demand. If you’re seeking a new job, there should be many opportunities to pick from. Long overdue recognition for work well done will be acknowledged.

With the New Moon on the 7th, you’ll feel like it’s raining money. Both Venus and Uranus get into the action and up the ante. Keep yourself open to discover unique ways of making, investing, and saving money.

It won’t be your imagination, if you feel like you’re swimming with sharks in the office. Mars going retro on the 17th brings out the predators in your career sector. Others won’t be shy employing cutthroat tactics to get ahead. Try to swim above the fray and watch your back.

The Full Moon on the 22nd has you yearning for distant shores. A trip taken now will be the prescription needed. Also, listen to your dreams. They will boarder on the prophetic and offer invaluable spiritual guidance.

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