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Lyme Disease
Maintaining a strong, healthy immune system using PSYCH-K and Body Code to relieve symptoms of Lyme Disease and co-infections.

January 29th 2016 - Recovering From Lyme Disease: A new Perspective

According to CDC recent statistics, there are more than 300,000 new cases of Lyme disease diagnosed in the United States every year. There is no accounting of the cases that are undiagnosed. Both diagnosed and undiagnosed cases can lead to complex and ongoing neurological, physical and emotional problems. Many people who are diagnosed immediately can heal after a 6 week program of antibiotics, but there is a large percentage who do not. 440,000 - 880,000 Americans continue to experience symptoms even after treatment, known as Post Treatment Lyme Disease.
The new perspective is identifying and releasing the trapped emotions and negative beliefs that a person collects, usually from accidents and through their early childhood and adolescence. These are the trapped emotions that can have the effect of compromising your immune system. Ongoing focus on the immune system of the individual is a crucial element in addressing Lyme and in the treatment of the accompanying co-infections. Nearly 35 million people in the United States are asymptomatically infected, and at least 10% will become symptomatic every year, with maladies ranging from arthritis to major brain dysfunction. The new approach is releasing trapped emotions and negative beliefs for a stronger immune system. A stronger immune system could protect you from Lyme or a Lyme co-infection that was asymptomatic from becoming symptomatic. Many of us harbor these co-infections and have no symptoms. However, if we experience a deeply disturbing emotional event, or an accident, our immune systems can be compromised, and we then may start displaying symptoms.
The current gold standard diagnostic testing for Lyme disease misses up to 60% of cases of early-stage Lyme. Most people never recall being bitten. Less than half ever show the telltale bullseye rash. As many as 20 % continue to experience symptoms even after treatment.
Being diagnosed with Lyme, or any other disease, has an emotional signature that can partially shut down your immune system response. I have found that the tools of PSYCH-K and Body Code can be very effective in helping clients navigate through the complex labyrinth of Lyme treatment and recovery. Addressing your subconscious beliefs regarding your ability to heal, and identifying and releasing trapped emotions centered around your experience of Lyme, can help to keep your immune system strong and your attitude positive.
Using The Health Core Belief Balance in PSYCH-K allows us to understand what are the subconscious beliefs regarding your ability to heal. The negative beliefs that you may be holding, and not consciously aware of, can be an unwelcome load to an already over-burdened immune system. With PSYCH-K, we can often change your subconscious beliefs to positive and valuable core beliefs, allowing your immune system to function more fully.
Body Code is another effective tool to address a chronic Lyme infection, and works hand in hand with PSYCH-K. The Body Code can indicate how well your immune system is functioning, and what imbalances in your system we need to address in order to improve its functioning. The Body Code indicates to us what glands and organs are imbalanced and why they are functioning at less than optimal. The Body Code System often allows us to find the specific imbalances, many times emotional, that may be having a detrimental effect on a particular organ or gland. Releasing these indicated imbalances greatly improves the functioning of that organ or gland, and, hence, often boosts your body’s capacity to cope with the Lyme infection.
These trapped emotions can impact your general health and your ability to develop a strong immune system needed to fight this infection. Case studies documented on the Bay Area Lyme Foundation website show that long term Lyme infections can be difficult to shift, but there are many stories of hope and inspiration and knowledge gained.
A compromised immune system may also require good diet choices that build healthy gut bacteria. Eating the correct healing foods suited to your condition can mean that your emotional body is more tuned to wellness.


“The Biology of Belief” by Dr. Bruce Lipton

“Why Can’t I Get Better?” by Dr. Richard Horowitz

“Healing Lyme Disease Co-infections” by Stephen Harrod Buhner

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