Paranormal Research

Dr. Woodard is seeking 1. Individuals who have had unusual spiritual experiences. For example, near death experiences, seeing something before it happened, ghosts. 2. Individuals who have had unusual good or bad experiences with others in the exchange of money. For example, a woman put rent money aside because her landlord was not meeting hea...lth codes and to protect her daughter but was evicted because she didn't put the money in escrow or a man helped a woman who had fallen and couldn't get up while others walked by her and laughed. She later paid off his car loan because she was quite wealthy. The research involves briefly describing your experience and then there will be an in-person interview and possibly follow up interviews. Participants identifies are kept confidential. 3.Self actualizers for a spiritual, paranormal, psychic self development group. 4. Haunted houses and ghosts sites to investigate with a paranormal research team. Anyone interested should email him with their reasons for wanting to be part of hi research or the group or call 603-673- 2582.
Also Dr. Woodard has published research on hypnosis, psychotherapy, and spiritual experiences in peer reviewed psychological journals. Dr. Woodard received the New England Paranormal Researcher of the Year – 2012. Any questions or comments should be sent to Dr. Woodard’s office is located at 15 B Lincoln Street, located just off the Oval in Milford, NH.

Contact Member:
Dr. Fredrick Woodard / Woodard Hypnosis and Research, Inc.
15B Lincoln Street
Milford, NH 03055-0874
United States