Spirit Baby Souls and Themes
Most spirit baby souls have been around for thousands of years and have experienced both male and female bodies, many races, different social levels and cultures. What makes a soul unique?

September 13th 2015 - Spirit Baby Souls and Themes

Most spirit baby souls have been around for thousands of years and
have experienced both male and female bodies, many races, different
social levels and cultures. Assuming that there is truth to
astrological influences on a person's characteristics, a soul
could certainly choose each of the zodiac signs in turn, in order to
experience as many different ways of being human as possible.

I have spontaneously remembered about two dozen of my past lives and
was male in only two of them. Some of us, in other words have a
preference. Some spirit babies will wait for a female body, for
example, in order to complete their life task, which might mean
miscarriage if the parents make a body of the other gender. Others
say they do not care, for this incarnation, which gender of body they

There are invariably themes which the soul chooses to explore. No two
souls pick exactly the same themes.

Certainly love is a central theme for virtually everyone. That is,
there are many different ways of expressing love, parent – child,
siblings, friends.

Of approximately equal importance is life task. Each soul brings a
unique gift to the world. One soul may incarnate over and over as some
sort of artist, even when limited expression is allowed with their
culture. For example, many women in cultures in which they had few
creative outlets took up quilting or various forms of needlework and
sewing. The Inuit, who had almost no possessions, still had beaded
moccasins and made sandstone carvings.

A person whose life task was to be a storyteller might tell tales
orally in one culture, be a writer in a second, and in a third might
aspire to teach young adults literature at a university. A healer
might become a neurosurgeon in contemporary North America, a shaman in
South America, or an herbalist in China.

Every expression of self is moderated by the gender which the soul has
chosen or accepted for a lifetime, the social status of the family,
and the cultural norms. Some situations are far more challenging than
others, but all lives allow for opportunities to love, to learn, and
to contribute to the community.

But what makes our souls unique? If our souls aren't male or female,
and we aren't known by one identity or one face, and we can be any one
person, race, culture, man or woman, doesn't that make us all the
same? How do we distinguish one soul from another?

Each soul explores themes. No two souls have exactly the same themes.

Themes I have explored include:

-being a healer

-being persecuted for the racial group I belonged to in several
lifetimes (which I suppose I also chose as a spirit baby)

-expressing myself within the limitations of being female, which in
most cultures has led to many restrictions

-finding ways to use intuitive abilities in societies which may have
valued them, or punished them

-knowing the many different members of my soul family through many
lifetimes, in various ways

-having difficulty accepting injustice

-loving to learn in as many ways as were available

-loving animals

-being willing to die for my beliefs and convictions

-believing in creating community in any setting.

If you sat down an enumerated what your main values are, and how you
expressed them, even in one lifetime, you might be able to figure out
a few things about what makes you unique... but if you had access to
multiple lives(as in the Akashic records) you might have a bigger
picture of what makes you unique. it is absolutely not based in one
lifetime. The details of gender, race, educational level, time period
are incidental ... the themes of a given soul come up over and over.

Christine Nightingale, B.A (Psychology), Reiki Master, Certified
Hypnotist, Aromatherapist, Spirit Baby communicator. I have helped
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