A Spirit baby Comforts Bereaved Parents
A spirit baby who passes though miscarriage communicates love and caring to the bereaved parents .

July 13th 2015 - A Spirit Baby comforts Bereaved Parents
Dear Ones , your hearts are full of love for each other and for this little soul, your Spirit Baby. It is wonderful to see this.
The first thing you must understand is that a Spirit Baby never leaves its mother. It can detach from a body for many reasons. As you have already intuited, in this case it brought you and your husband much closer together, so that in fact you will be far readier to be parents when your Spirit Baby returns to incarnation.
You see, you are full of guilt or no reason whatsoever, and also still have some vestiges of fear that you might not be adequate parents. But this is very far from the truth.
Let us address your issues one by one.
It is not necessary to refrain from making love during pregnancy. Your Spirit Baby loves to feel the endorphins associated with love making, and loves to be aware of the conception cradle above your head. This is the route by which a baby enters your body before attaching to the baby body which you have made .
Also a pregnancy conceived in love always makes a women more and more beautiful. The light of the second soul within you makes you have a glow.
These might seem like trivial thoughts, but it is important that you embrace your womanliness in all its aspects. Be proud when you are pregnant, like a ship in full sail!
Dear One, the universe is designed to create by love. Unconditional love and trust are two of the most important attributes in creating life .
Spirit baby: Mommy, I am glad that you listened to the angel. I am here, I have never left you. I can come back to you in a new body.
You mentioned the idea of Heaven. Heaven is no farther away than your heartbeat. It is only this place on the other side of earthly cares in which there is only love, and no fear. All the souls waiting to incarnate, all the angels and guides, even the spirits of animals, are here and are. ..in the case of the animals ..bounding about on the hills and meadows, with the laughing children. This other side is very like the unspoiled areas of the world….
I know you see me as the little one you lost. I never died. Only I shed that small skin, as a butterfly must do before the final tine of metamorphosis, when it is ready to fly free.
Mommy, you will be my birth shaman in time ,helping me to come from the world I now inhabit…this magical place where all is love ,and freedom and delight, …to the world of the incarnate , where life is much more difficult, and only APPEARS to be more real.

And when I am a small child in your arms, when I am a baby ,I will remember for a time the angels and the guides who love me here. But they will never be as dear to me as you are. I chose you and daddy ,and your earthly love, in preference to living here in bliss.
That is the challenge of life on earth, mommy, to find love in an imperfect understanding of love, to choose life where there is the fear of death, to believe in goodness when one sees those who act out of fear.
You and daddy deserve each other. You showed each other pure love when you were recovering from the greatest loss any mortal can feel the loss of a beloved child. I am honoured to be your child…I still am, and will be soon, in the flesh.
But if I had not passed from you perhaps you would not have understood how very much you do love each other, and me. This will actually make you better parents (to the very same soul).
Spirit baby: Mommy, I felt that you
loved me, and I left the body peacefully, with no pain, but I also never actually left your aura.
Mommy, take as much time as you need to heal. It seems to me that it would be kind to your body to rest for as long as you carried the baby body. Don’t worry about your age, mommy, you are young enough to give birth to me.
Mommy, I have been with you and daddy for years, not just the weeks of being attached to the baby body. I have been with you since the winds of time scattered our days, to paraphrase Kahlil Gibran. I have not only been a Spirit Baby, I have been your brother, your husband, your grandfather, and in one lifetime, your best friend , a girl. So please do not think that this short lifetime is all that we shared.
Do you understand that the love you feel for daddy also was not only born of one lifetime? The soul is forever. Heaven, or the other side, is where souls go to rest, to learn, to plan future lives and adventures and learnings.
Mommy, you will conceive again. You could do it fast, but it is not necessary to wear yourself out.
Souls do not have gender; we can attach to any body which you make for us.
Life is all about learning to love the same souls in as many ways as possible .
I have been with you for years, mommy , and so of course with daddy too, when you found each other. The difference is, when I was attached to a baby body I was much more aware of your love of me, and your joy in my coming. That was like being bathed in love all the time, in a way which cannot be experienced physically on this side of the veil. Love here is beautiful and deep, but it is not at all physical, and in the case of physical love which a mother gives to her children…well, the difference is like reading about making love or experiencing it, mommy. So you see that of course I was very happy when you were all around me.
And I detached when the body was no longer working, so there was no pain.
I was sad that you were sad, of course, because I love you, but other than that I just felt ,well ,there are things a mommy and daddy need to do to reaffirm their love for each other, and their trust in the universe, and after that I can come in to stay.
What happened with me could have happened with anybody. I will be with you, and your family will be complete, in just a few years.
It is not hard for me to wait. Time passes differently on this side.
Just be good to yourself, mommy, and you will soon hold a baby in your arms.
Channeled by Christine Nightingale. www.nightingalehealing.com nightiangel92@hotmail.com
Christine has helped over 300 couples communicate with their Spirit Babies

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