Connecting Directly with your spirit baby in trance
Mothers can learn to communicate with their spirit babeis before conception or during pregnancy.

March 28th 2015 - Connecting Directly with your Spirit Baby in Trance
If you are a woman who has contracted before this lifetime to have a child, you have a Spirit Baby. And if you have a Spirit Baby, you already have women’s intuition.
Being able to connect intuitively with your offspring is essential to the survival of babies…since 99.9% of young babies are cared for by women, and 100% of babies are birthed by women. Women’s intuition does not develop after giving birth, but rather before even conceiving. The spirit pre-exists the individual lifetime.
Yes, of course men can be intuitive. But since almost all spirit babies are in the mother’s aura (although the contract may include a particular father) women do have a distinct advantage in developing this intuition. Hence the term women’s intuition.
Intuition means a heightened awareness of the four clairs.
Clairaudience means hearing something which is out of place. Clairvoyance means seeing a message in something which is out of the ordinary in the environment.
A woman and her mother were sharing a hotel room. They were both psychically aware. Marjorie (a pseudonym) had been aware for years of fleeting glimpses of a little girl(not solid-looking), footsteps at night , doors opening and closing at night, a little girl’s voice saying “Mommy”. On this occasion Marjorie asked her presumed spirit baby to give her a clear message, right then, away from her home.
The bathroom light suddenly went on. When Marjorie and her mother went to investigate, the whole fixture had been pulled out of the wall by an unseen hand.
The messages (implied) ?” I am here, I am a light being, I am very powerful, I am actively communicating with you and trying to get your attention. “

Clairsentience means feeling something with the emotions . Claircognisance means “just knowing” without physical evidence that something is true. Which is it when a mother “just knows’ or “just feels” that she is going to have a boy or a girl? Probably both.
Anecdotally, this happens a lot more often than chance. Women who have already had one baby are likelier to be able to predict the gender of the one they are now carrying, saying that “the energy just feels different.”
Hypnosis for fertility aims to help a mother release emotional blockages, which may interfere with the capacity to conceive or even to carry a pregnancy. All of us have enormous capacities to heal ourselves of broken bones, illnesses , fatigue…why not infertility? After all, the emotional and spiritual causes of fertility issues can go at least as far back as the in-utero stage. 100% of all the eggs a woman will ever have are already in the womb, in embryonic form, by the time the fetus is six months old. Unborn babies are 100% aware of their mother’s emotions while carrying them…as can be shown when a client is regressed to in-utero.
I asked a friend to regress me to in-utero, to determine what happened to the spirit of my older brother who passed at one month…I was born nine months later.
It did not surprise me to learn that Eric immediately became my guide; I had always felt an affinity to the brother I had never “met.”
So, I wondered , could a mother initiate communication with a spirit baby who was in her aura but not yet attached to a body? Worth a try…why not make it part of Hypnosis for Fertility, with a focussed “meeting” with the future child …mother in trance , questions which were previously decided upon being asked by the therapist? In theory this could happen during pregnancy…but also even before the child was conceived. And yes, hypnosis can be done by phone quite effectively.
Situation One

The mother was not sure that she was with the right man.
"Do you have a message for mommy?"

In her trance state she experienced Clairvoyance.
A little boy came up to mommy and daddy with a big ribbon and tied them together!
"Do you have a message for daddy?'"

Now the little boy went up to daddy and kept poking him, saying, " I'm here daddy, I'm real!"
She thought that was pretty cool.

She said that her partner kept kidding her every time she wanted to talk about her pregnancy
saying "I'll believe it when I see it."
So obviously the baby had been tuning in!

You need to think about what you are actually trying to find out when you compose your questions.

Situation Two
“Do you have a message for mommy?”
(Mother feels warmth…clairsentience… indicates love and presence )
“How do you try to talk to me?”
(Mother sees a light...clairvoyance… message that spirit baby is still a light being)

Situation Three
Question: “What is the purpose to this fertility journey?
(Mother hears words…clairaudience) “Love.”
Question: “Is there another spirit with you?”
“At times”
Question: if so, who?
Question: Is my life task to be a healer?
Question: What am I supposed to be learning?
“To love and be loved.”
Do you communicate with your big brother?

Situation Four
Question: How can I make it easier for you to come in?
(Mom gets a clairvoyant picture of a little girl skipping through a garden).
She takes this to mean, have fun in the process.
Question: What do we need to know about the birth?
Clairaudient reply:” It’s easy.”
Question: Will Mommy be able to have a natural birth?
Clairsentient /clairaudient reply : “Undecided.”
Question: Will you come early, late or on time?
Mother hears giggling. Takes this to mean, timing will be fine.
Question: What will you need to feel at home when you arrive?
Clairvoyant and clairaudient answer: “safety” and a visual of a blanket which the mother had as a baby.
As a birth shaman, every mother brings the soul of another from the other side to this plane. This is at least as important as bringing the body over .Developing intuitive communication is within every mother’s capacities…and can be a wonderful affirmation of the sacredness of motherhood.
Christine Nightingale. B.A., R.M., C.H.

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