Dowsing and The Use of pendulums
How to train a pendulum

March 15th 2014 - Published on March 15, 2014 in By Region newsletter

Dowsing and the use of Pendulums
Dowsing is virtually any kind of practical or healing work which involves being able to tune into energy-on this plane or on other planes, in human body meridians or in ley-lines in the earth, in plants, in sound…anywhere !
As the indigenous North Americans knew, plants ,animals and rocks are “all my relations”. So anything at all can be the starting point for implementing positive change.
The most commonly understood aspects of dowsing include a talented practitioner being able to sense the energy of water running underground ,so as to be able to tell country people where to dig a well. This has been an essential skill for millennia. A current form it takes is that even in the very modern city of Toronto when new pipes are to be laid, a dowser is called in to locate existing pipes. Often the old pipes, laid over a hundred years ago, are not properly mapped. This saves enormous expense.

The second most understood aspect of dowsing is the use of a pendulum in order to get answers to questions. Your pendulum can be anything which you find appealing and which carries your energy-a wedding ring on a string works well. Or buy one at any new age shop.
Then train your pendulum to tune in to your own higher self energy.
You do this by first saying a succession of things which you know to be true. My name is…My age is….I am male or female etc.
You will notice a particular movement every time. For example, it could a be a movement in a straight line or particular direction.
Now say some things which you know to be false. The movement will be noticeably different. For example, the pendulum will move in a circle for a false statement.
After you and you pendulum know how to work in harmony, you can ask it to help you with any question you need an answer to , or in decision making. For example, should I accept this job offer? If you need details, ask yes-no answer questions of any sort until it is clear what your higher self is telling you.
A form of this is the gut test, which can be used in a supermarket. Your solar plexus chakra is the root of the gut feeling about what is beneficial for you, or not. You can hold up a bag of persimmons or a box of corn flakes in front of your body. Your body will lean slightly forward to that healthy and life-enhancing item, while rocking you back on your heels for the processed food. Try it at home first-it`s quite magical.
Dowsing includes practices which enable the practitioners to enter an altered state of consciousness. For example, Sacred Drumming does at least two things-it helps participants to engage in a group activity in which the personal self becomes less important than group consciousness, and often allows the entry into consciousness of other beings such as deceased loved ones or guides.
Other examples which I believe fall under the rubric of dowsing are healing practices which involve the practitioner tapping into (sometimes literally) the issues which the clients is having. Examples are Reiki, Shiatsu, Psych-k, Bowen, QiGong, sound healing, Egyptian postures of power , Aromatherapy, reflexology , and angel healing. It also includes divination practices such as tarot, astrology, numerology, Rune stones, and water cards.
For example a Reiki master can help a woman`s womb heal from miscarriage or other trauma which can cause an energy blockage in the sacral chakra, inhibiting conception. When the energy blockage is removed conception become possible again.
People go to great lengths to explore the power vortexes of the world-Stonehenge, Sedona, the Egyptian pyramids, Machu Pichu.
But each of us is a power vortex too…with enormous capacity to develop a deeper awareness of who we are and what we are capable of.
Article published in By Region .com newsletter March 15th ,2014

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