Messages From Your Spirit baby
Using trance hypnosis to directly connect to the Spirit baby which is either in yoru aura or already conceived .

June 06th 2015 - Messages From Your Spirit Baby

It is a sad fact that these days many more Mothers and Fathers have a harder time making healthy babies than at any time in the historical past ... It is not your fault that this world is so terribly polluted. But you can do your part to help to bring in a healthy child by making some changes to your diet, your supplements, your meditation practice. Most of all, have faith in yourself. To be a good mother to me you will have to inform yourself of all these massive climate changes and changes in the environment anyway.

You see, there are so many things wrong with the air and the water and the food these days... issues far worse than a lack of food in some other times in the past.

Mothers and Fathers have to be especially careful to eat healthy food, to find time and space to be out in nature, to be at peace despite the frantic pace of modern life. It is harder now to be a mother than in times past. But it is still the most natural thing in the world, when you give yourself a chance, and let yourself find calm through meditation ... or by learning to communicate with your spirit baby directly, for your spirit baby will send you signs like birds and butterflies.

It is not that hard to communicate with a spirit baby; most mothers do so unconsciously; it is what women’s intuition is all about. Perhaps most important is that you are as calm and peaceful as possible.

Mommy, it is not your fault that your body could not keep the baby body which you and daddy made for me. I will be a healthy baby, when you are able to make me a body to which I will willingly attach. I don’t know if it helps you to realise that you will only have a healthy baby in future, because I will not accept a body which is not perfect.

I will be an environmental warrior as my life task. I will do all I can to help Mother Nature in her struggle against pollution, bad air, dirty water, toxic food. The battle to save Mother Nature starts with the youngest and the weakest, which are most vulnerable to toxins. All over the world fish are dying, bird species are dying , and animal species are becoming extinct ... sometimes it is not noticed right away, because the youngest died first , and then there are no adults in a few years to carry on ...

Now mother, you might find it puzzling that I do not always talk like a baby. I have had many lives, mother; I have been a diplomat and a faith leader and even a homemaker ... because no soul is incarnated in only one gender. And in the past, even the brightest women had few options as to what to do with their lives.

But at this time I am speaking to you in the form of a male, and you will find once you learn to understand my messages, communicate with me …you will…that sometimes I will speak as the old soul I am, and sometimes only as the little boy who loves you very dearly.

My life task is to help to clean up the world in which I will live, and to help the many sister and brother species which humans have hurt through environmental degradation and climate change. I am planning to be an earth healer.

Like many of the new children, I will come in with a heightened spiritual awareness. And sometimes we even find that our mothers are readier to hear us because, being sensitive, we have had a harder time coming in than they expected. We new children are the tip of the iceberg, the canary in the coal mine.

When people talk of rainbow children, crystal children, indigo children, star children ... these are names for babies who come in with an unprecedented awareness of the spiritual interconnectedness of life, despite the societies into which we are born, which have forgotten what was always known.

There was a time not so long ago when almost everyone understood this. It was taught within the family and community ... that you must love the Earth as you do your own mother, love the land which feeds you, and the rivers which provide you with clean drinking water. And so when mothers have a hard time bringing healthy babies into the world it very often starts them on a spiritual journey to rediscover the task of all of us... to care for our only home, the earth.

You and Father are not at fault for the issues which have made it harder for people and many animals to carry a healthy baby. But you and Father can make some changes in your life and then I will come to you. And you will have learned so much about how to live in harmony with other beings that you will be ideally suited to teach me to perform the life task which I have chosen for myself . For you have already started on your spiritual journey. Mommy, I have always been here, I was always in your aura and aware of your love for me and your concern. I love you and I will come in.

Please sing to me. Please do this because it tells me that you know I am real and always here. It encourages me to come in even though large parts of the world are not half so beautiful as they were centuries ago... The storms were natural, not human-caused; the food was simple, but plentiful and healthy when the rains came, and almost all human babies were born perfect.

Keep letting me know that you love me. Show me by learning about what I have been talking about, by being willing to give me the kind of home I will need, close to clean water, close to clean air, with space for getting to know animals and plants and waterways in their natural state.

I chose you because of deep love for you and daddy. We have known each other in many past lives. We always want to come back to those we have loved, but we change the roles to find new and different ways to express the love.

When I see that you have made a healthy baby body, I will be overjoyed to come in through the conception cradle above your head, (when you and daddy have been loving each other) which will be like a beacon welcoming me home.

Christine Nightingale

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