Understanding Purpose
What is purpose and who determines it?

March 29th 2015 - Purpose: It is the reason for which something exists, is done, or is used. It is an intended, desired, result or goal. A determined resolution. To set, aim, intend, or design. To put, place, put forth, stand, pose. Pose! It is right in the word itself. Pur-pose.

If there is intent, desire, or a goal, then consciousness is a requirement in identifying your purpose. There is a direct, and implied, connection between your purpose and your consciousness.

Only conscious beings have purpose. All other objects have function and use, but they have not been conferred with purpose, which takes consciousness. Notice the words ‘intended’ and ‘determined’ were a part of the definitions for the word Purpose.You will see this more clearly shortly.

A rock has a use and can have a function by its very nature. But without consciousness, it is unable to determine or name its purpose. A person, who has consciousness, can determine a purpose for the rock. It can be a part of a building, serve as a paper weight or weapon, block a passage, or be fashioned into a crude tool. The rock in no way makes this determination. It simply exists until someone determines a use for it.

So who determines a use for you?

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