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Sunrise and Sunset 1-10 to 2-6 2015
Outdoor rituals for each day of the Moon Calendar.

January 04th 2015 - 1/10-2/6 2015
4th Moon Month = Planet/Universe Calendar RITUAL for SunRise and SunSet

SunRise Ritual Human Beings are the only species who can forget. Daily Ritual is a valued exercise of honoring awakening from a sleep having purged yesterdays. Rise with an empty mind and be available to be teachable. Each Portal Direction below is a ‘real’ movement of GrandMother Earth and her families. Choose thriving; go Outdoors sometime between 4 am and 11 am – in the North direction. If harsh weather, then open a window and use visualization to be outside. Copy, cut and past your personal Family Clan where there are blanks. If you do not know your Family Clans, visualize our Planet and Universe-choose a Family. Rituals are specific to each Monthly Moon Cycle.

Read this paragraph (which is condensed morning Ritual) OR read entire morning Ritual:
Face North Clap hands 3 times Say, “ I am (Say Your Birth Song or your Name) I am aware, mindful, and available. I serve, share and seek our Universe, GrandMother Earth, and her families, GrandMother Moon, GrandFather Sun, GrandMothers of the large waters, All Seasons, Portal Keepers, BeLoved TASOM, Buffalos, Ancients and Mysteries. I honor all my mind, body and spirit, Family Clans, my human families, and communities. I am Winter mirrored in every tree, bush and plant. All of Winter’s rhythms are breathing slowly and deeply. This is not the time for yearly resolutions; rather this is the time to reflect on letting in the light and appreciating the shadows outside. Is it scary to have so much quiet? Or do you seek the blank canvas as a Gift? Does your Wild Instincts remember how to forage and endure?
Face North, which is Winter and the color is White, say, “ North/Winter is the masculine divergence of the South Summer balancing. North is where negotiations and timely agreements are committed. How does your Family Clans Puma, Polar Bear, Lynx, Sage Hen, fresh water Otter, Dolphin, baby Elk, Indian Head Mtn. and Mourning Dove negotiate? Many boundaries need maps about how to go around ‘reaction’ issues. I seek that all the Peoples and Children of the World, GrandMother Earth and her families, domestic Animals and Climate Change be recovered, healed, safe, balanced and functional. May it be so today. Chi-Ho”

Face Above which is Inner Plane/Astral/Star Beings and the colors are Magenta, say, “My Above Family Clans Hawk and Dragonfly are with me every day. They mirror and echo my LifeWork and my committed relationships. How do my Family Clans teach discipline? Chi-Ho.”

Face Below which is UnderWorld and the colors are Rainbow, say, “The Portals of the Below awaken between 4pm and 11am. My day is full and complex; deep sleep assists my whole bodies to be in housekeeping as purging, surrender and release. I purge and empty like My Family Clans Snake, Mineral, Bat and Ant. Sleep is the most important action of the human. Chi-Ho”

Imagine yourself before there were any forms or bodies; the colors are vibrations called Shimmering, this is when your Power Ally found you, say, “My Power Ally Great Blue Heron is with me every day. My Essence and Soul are different. Essence is created from being birthed by our Planet you are her Essence, If God created you then you are connected by a Soul. My Power Ally records my energies, experiences and stories. Their records nudge my wild instincts to use my overflow energies as a savings account and be responsible for today, the future 13 generations, and the last 13 generations. Chi-Ho.”

Within Portal my Essence color is Crystal, say, “My Within Family Clans are with me always. I breathe myself inside of My Family Clans Clear Quartz Crystal. I exhale everything inside of me out through my nucleus Journey Song, allowing everything outside of me to enter through my Journey Song. This is compassion for all and myself. Chi-Ho”

I quietly participate in today. Chi-Ho.

SUNSET RITUAL is trusting that today is Enough by respecting the power of closure. A whole day means your mind, body, and spirits are full. Sleep is the means of purging, empting and surrendering. Should there be a tomorrow you will be available to fill again. Go outside or at an open window sometime between 4 pm to 11 pm.

SUNSET RITUAL is GRATITUDE. (Outdoors or at an open window between 4 pm to 11 pm) Each day of working needs closure as well as working for our Planet and Spirituality. The following Ritual closes the Portal to working and opens the time of rest, family and friends.
Face North “ (touch your bodies) I place my Mental, Physical, and Emotional Bodies to pause in the UnderWorlds of GrandMother Earth, her families and the spirits of the Ancients. (throw up your hands) I throw my Spirit Bodies to GrandMother Moon. (throw your bones) GrandFather Sun shake me out of my bones and throw my bones into the StonePeoples. I swirl and twirl for the possibility we may meet in the dreamweave. I ask GrandMother Earth and her families to symbolically transform my dream messages and messengers. I know there is no promise of tomorrow and today is enough. I am in appreciation and gratitude for my health, thriving, family, friends, community, lodge, land, and diverse lessons. (you can name specifically). I empty my Sacred Bowl so that if there is a tomorrow I will be able to fill again. Here I go, ready or not this day is done Enough, I complete, let go and free. wheww Chi-Ho.” (Close your eyes and honestly appreciate the phenomenon of a whole life, one day at a time)

Prepare Inside: a satellite of your outside Shaman Way Wheel. Build a symbolic Circle that opens the Day and then closes the Day as Enough.

How to become our Planet and Universe is a commitment, repeating rituals for as long as it takes -Even when blundering interpreting and allow our Planet and Universe to decide how to use their Wisdom. Example: When you see a squirrel run over on the highway it is a high % that the squirrel left its bodies in seconds and is already in another life form. The Karmas/shudders/responsibilities are for the humans. The wild ones are the Planet and we are their guests. I say, “I celebrate your life squirrel for everything you teach me before and now. I share the responsibilities for your death, cars and highways. I ask to be teachable. I trust you are free to be where and who you are becoming. Chi-Ho”

So far, Northern Hemisphere Seasons are loosely the following.
The Seasonal designations Circle with the New Moon Cycles.
GrandMother Earth’s birthday is 8/23 to 12/12, then she dies from 12/13 to 3/6, then reincarnate from 3/7 to 5/29, and opens Portals for maturation of dreams 5/30 to 8/22.

4th Moon Month Northern Hemisphere
Season: Winter
Wind Influence: Waziya
Direction: North
Element: Earth
Moon Totem: Blue Jay – knows what it needs. Curiosity sometimes brings harm.
Plant Totem: Poplar – balance in that the tree is even with the Winds.
Mineral Totem: Amethyst – Deep Snows Moon, Wisdom and purity of thought
Color: Violet
Compatible Partners: People of the Summer Moons especially those of the Hot Winds Moon
Growth: 6th Journey Song
Balanced as a Sense of Self within the Universe

The Sixth Journey Song, also known as the mind’s eye or third eye, is the center of clairvoyant sight where spiritual guidance flashes into awareness. To gaze upon an open sixth is to see the flash of intuition like a twinkling star in the night sky that brings clarity and meaning to your life and your place in it. See yourself from the eagle’s view 20,000 feet above and you will be seeing from the Sixth’s perspective. Notice how your unique talents and skills support and radiate outward in every direction. Do you see any environments you have chosen where you don’t belong? The Third Journey Song reveals to you your own individuality and uniqueness; in the Sixth Journey Song you see how that uniqueness impacts the world around you. Are you a mother, a leader, an artist, lawyer, a yogi, or all of the above? In the Sixth you see from a higher perspective how you fit into the world and how important your contribution to the world truly is. The Declaration of Independence is a Sixth Journey Song document. The research of the Hubble Space Research is Sixth Journey Song. Asking permission before entering your Family Clan to be Teachable is the Law of the Sixth Journey Song.

4- Moon Month Southern Hemisphere
Season: Summer
Wind Influence: Mouse
Direction: South
Element: Fire
Moon Totem: Otter
Plant Totem: Cottonwood tree
Mineral Totem: Rose Quartz
Color: Red
Compatible partners: Winter moons people, especially those of the Hard Freeze Moon

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